‘The Durrells’ star reveals where to go, how to relax and what to eat on Corfu

If you’re heading to Corfu on holiday, you’ll want to read these tips from The Durrells star Alexis Georgoulis.

The 43-year-old actor, who has played Spiros in ITV’s hit family period drama series since it began in 2016, returns to the idyllic Greek island later this summer to begin shooting the show’s fourth season.

Based upon the classic trilogy of memoirs by conservationist Gerald Durrell, The Durrells tells the story of Louisa Durrell, who decides to uproot her four spirited and unruly children to start a new life in Corfu in the 1930s.

Alexis recently chatted to Radio Times and revealed everything you need to know before going to Corfu…


The best beach:

“Sidari Beach, on the northwest coast of the island, for the astonishing sunsets and scenery.”


The best view:

“…I love to drive up to Kaiser’s Throne – a panoramic viewpoint on a cliff in central Corfu.”


The best place to unwind:

“[On my days off] I wake up early and go to one of the small, private coves by Glyfada Beach on the west coast. I stay there the whole day until late at night – swimming, playing my guitar and hanging out with friends.”


The best food:

“Like everywhere in Greece, they have great taste in food. The most famous dish is bourdetto – a spicy tomato stew made with scorpion fish, or sometimes you can find it with octopus.”


The best drink:

“They have very nice wines and a digestif that can only be found on Corfu – a sweet, orange-coloured kumquat liqueur. Bourdetto is very nice with a glass of raki or tsipouro, a Greek brandy.”


The best thing about the locals:

“Look, all Corfiots are crazy. They’re very fun people, always making jokes, and their culture is very different from the rest of Greece. They are very into music. All Corfiots can play an instrument, and all of them sing as well, especially when they’re drunk!”


The best place for lunch:

“Marina’s Tavern in Spilia, the old Jewish neighbourhood in Corfu Town. Marina serves Corfiot recipes and even a simple salad is delicious because she sources her ingredients from local gardens, so the tomatoes are very ugly but taste beautiful.”


The best way to enjoy Corfu:

“Live for the moment. Go to the market and have fun haggling. Go to small tavernas and become friends with the owner or waiter. Stay up all night dancing and flirting, find a nice place to watch the sunrise and breakfast on the beach.”


The first two seasons of The Durrells in Corfu are available to buy on DVD now.

Season 3 will air in the US later this year on PBS.