‘The Durrells’ stars reveal what it’s like being recognised by fans

The cast of The Durrells have discussed how it feels when fans recognise them in public.

Based upon Gerald Durrell’s classic trilogy of Corfu memoirs, the third season of the hit period drama series premieres in the USA tonight at 8/7c on Masterpiece on PBS.

Milo Parker, who plays Gerry Durrell, revealed: “We’re all recognised in Corfu quite a bit now. There are lots of photos taken, especially when we’re filming. It’s all very new to me.

“There has also been quite a significant increase in tourism to Corfu since the first series aired. It’s lovely that people want to travel to see where we have filmed and great that the series has been able to have that impact on the island.”

Daisy Waterstone, who plays Margo, commented: “People recognise us now in Corfu. It’s nice because they talk to you as if you’re one of the locals. A lot of people came up to us when we were filming this series to say they came to Corfu because of The Durrells.

“I’ve only been recognised a few times in England. Probably because I look a lot different off screen to Margo. My hair is so straight, I dress very differently and I hold myself differently to how Margo does.

“But it is an odd thing to be recognised. Especially when I’m with friends who I’ve known for a long time. It’s very odd for them. You feel like you have to be on good form all of the time. I’ve been recognised a few times on the London tube.”

Callum Woodhouse, who plays Leslie Durrell, said: “When we filmed the first series I had just left drama school and I really was the baby of the production, even with Milo on set. And, of course, no-one knew who the cast were – aside from Alexis Georgoulis (Spiro) who is a big star in Greece.

“But now, having done two series, people do recognise us. They are very welcoming in Corfu and have got to know us. We really get looked after very well there.

“There were many people who bumped into us during filming for this third series and said that had made their holiday. Which is a really sweet thing to hear. One day we were filming down by the harbour and all of the railings at the top were filled with people looking down and watching the show being filmed.”

Josh O’Connor, who plays Larry, added: “I was at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah and was recognised on a bus by some mid-American person who loved what is called ‘The Durrells In Corfu’ over there. It’s amazing how the series has spread and how people respond to it.

“But beyond that, the magic of this series is the crew, the cast and everyone who works on the show. It genuinely is a family. That’s magical.”

The Durrells is available to buy on DVD now.

It was announced in August that The Durrells will end in 2019.