‘The Last Kingdom’ movie ‘Seven Kings Must Die’ confirms release date

It’s been announced when the Last Kingdom movie arrives on Netflix!

Based on the Saxon Stories novels by Bernard Cornwell, The Last Kingdom originally launched in 2015 on BBC Two and BBC America, before moving to Netflix for its third season.

Since then the show went from strength to strength, ending with its fifth season in March 2022.

It wasn’t quite the final chapter, however, as Netflix had already revealed the previous year that a movie was also coming to wrap up the epic historical drama for good.

Producer Nigel Marchant explained in 2021 that while the Season 5 finale “fully concludes the series,” the makers of The Last Kingdom had decided “there was always one more story that we wanted to tell.”

Well, fans don’t have too much longer to wait, and we’ve also got some first look images too.

In The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die, Uhtred must ride once more across a fractured kingdom with several of the series’ much-loved returning characters, as they battle alongside, and against, new allies and enemies.

The official synopsis tells us: “Following the death of King Edward, a battle for the crown ensues, as rival heirs and invaders compete for power.

“And when an alliance comes seeking Uhtred’s help in their plans, Uhtred faces a choice between those he cares for most, and the dream of forming a united England.”

When’s the release date?

The show’s official Twitter account has confirmed that Seven Kings Must Die will premiere exclusively on Netflix on Friday 14th April 2023.

Their announcement came with the tagline: “Destiny Is All.”

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The Last Kingdom has been a huge hit for Netflix, ranking in 14th place on Nielsen’s list of most streamed original shows of 2022, so you can see why they were keen to keep the story going a bit longer!

Uhtred actor Alexander Dreymon told Variety: “It has been such an honour to be part of telling this story for all these years.

“As an actor, I have been so challenged and gratified by the privilege of playing Uhtred. Hanging up Uhtred’s sword after filming Seven Kings felt, ironically, heavy – even though I know that our tale has reached its conclusion.

“As an [executive producer] on the show, I could not be more proud of the hundreds of people who spent thousands of hours to make the best product possible.”

He added: “As for our loyal fans…what can I say? You are the reason we’ve reached this point and got to bring our saga to the end. This, as it always has been, is for you.”

The Last Kingdom is available on DVD on Amazon.