‘The Marlow Murder Club’ first look: ‘Downton’ star leads new murder mystery series

PBS has released some brand new photos from The Marlow Murder Club!

Adapted from Death in Paradise creator Robert Thorogood‘s popular 2021 novel by the writer himself, the series began filming in England this summer.

“After over a decade of working on Death in Paradise, I’m thrilled to be creating a brand-new murder mystery series for TV,” creator Robert Thorogood previously commented.

Leading the show’s cast is Samantha Bond, best known as Lady Rosamund Painswick in Downton Abbey, Frances Barden in Home Fires, and Miss Moneypenny in Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond movies.

Bond will be playing Judith Potts, who finds herself forming an unlikely friendship with local dog-walker Suzie and unfulfilled vicar’s wife Becks.

As they start to investigate a murder, they are eventually asked to assist with the official police inquiry, headed by newly promoted Tanika. The four-part series follows the women as they race against the clock to find the killer.

The cast also includes Jo Martin (Doctor Who) as Suzie Harris, Cara Horgan (The Sandman) as Becks Starling, and Natalie Dew (The Capture) as DS Tanika Malik.

When’s the release date?

The Marlow Murder Club will premiere in the US on Masterpiece on PBS on Sunday nights in 2024.

In the UK, it’ll air on UKTV’s Drama channel.

Fans on Facebook are already looking forward to the series.

“Just finished the book and loved it – now I have to read the 2nd one! Can’t wait to see how it translates to the screen – Samantha Bond is awesome!” reads one comment.

“This looks good! It’s like an updated Bletchley Circle,” noted another. “Looking forward to it!”

An excited commenter wrote: “I love Samantha in any production that she is a part of so I have no doubt that she will be wonderful in this series as well and can’t wait to see the show.”

The official synopsis reads: “Retired archaeologist Judith Potts (Bond) lives alone in a faded mansion in the peaceful town of Marlow, filling her time by setting crosswords for the local paper.

“During one of her regular wild swims in the Thames, Judith hears a gunshot coming from a neighbor’s garden and believes a brutal murder has taken place.

“When the police are reluctant to believe her story, Judith finds herself forming an unlikely friendship with local dog-walker and empty-nester Suzie (Martin) and unfulfilled vicar’s wife Becks (Horgan) as they start an investigation of their own.

“Eventually asked to assist with the official police investigation, headed by newly promoted Tanika (Dew), the women must piece together clues, grill suspect witnesses, and face down real danger as they work against the clock to stop the killer in their tracks.”

Robert Thorogood’s novel The Marlow Murder Club is available on Amazon.