‘Grantchester’ interview: Tom Brittney on what’s ahead for Will in Season 6

Grantchester is back!

Based on the novels by James Runcie, the popular ’50s crime drama series returned in the UK last week.

The sixth season continues on Friday nights on ITV, and it’ll premiere in the US next month on PBS.

Watch the trailer:


Tom Brittney (Outlander) is reprising his role as Will Davenport in the eight new episodes.

Here Tom chats about what’s coming up for Will in the new season, and what it was like filming during the Covid lockdowns earlier this year:


Could you tell us a bit about where Will Davenport is at the beginning of this season?

“Will is a bit more sexually liberated but he is still trying to replace something in his life and he fills that with constant work. Although his life is becoming a bit more relaxed in some ways, he is becoming quite stressed out with work so the whole gang decide that they need a holiday so they all go away to Merries together.

“Of course it can’t be that fun and relaxing for too long when it’s Grantchester!”


As you say in the first episode the whole gang goes to Merries. What was that like to film outside of Grantchester?

“Our amazing Art Director completely transformed this grey and grim army barracks into a 1950s era Butlins style holiday camp, complete with a Ferris wheel and working model train, it was amazing! We were quite fortunate with the weather too but it certainly wasn’t as warm as they made it look.

“It’s always great when we get to go away and film together because it’s like a real holiday!

“Especially with everything that’s been going on in the world, those were some of the times that we actually all got to be together as the old Grantchester group again so it was like a real break away. We get to all stay in a hotel together and hang out which is always the best time for us.”


What does your character have in store for him this series?

“For Will himself, he isn’t as constrained as he has previously been when it comes to his romantic relationships.

“In regards to friendships – Will and Geordie, although they start off in a great place, their friendship is very much threatened.”


So is there going to be a love interest for Will?

“We see him have a little bit of a dalliance in the first episode whilst the gang is on holiday at Merries but unfortunately, it doesn’t really go to plan!”


Are Geordie and Will still as close in this season? And in real life was it good to be reunited with Robson and all the other cast?

“At the beginning of the series we find them closer than ever and the best of friends.

“As the series progresses we find out that Will has been keeping something from Geordie which threatens to destroy their whole friendship. We also see Geordie being drawn down a very dark path when someone from his past comes back into his life and Will tries his hardest to bring him back from the brink.

“Their friendship is being torn apart with someone else trying to pull Geordie away from Will, things don’t look good for them.

“Being reunited with Robson and everyone else was brilliant! It was post lockdown and it was the first real group of people I’d seen and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people!

“They are truly my best friends and we do have so much fun together. Those big scenes that we all had together were really a blessing as due to the restrictions, there were only a few of us filming together at one time usually. Robson really is one of my best mates, we probably speak to each other every day and it was great to be brought back together doing the job that we love.”


Are there any well known guest stars appearing in this series?

“Yes, we’ve got some great guest actors! Shaun Dooley for example who we were all really excited about.

Grantchester always brings the best of the best, the caliber of people that come to star in the show is always phenomenal.”


What sort of themes can viewers expect to see in Season 6?

“The major theme for me is that both Will and Geordie have to question the establishments that they uphold and have to recognise the flaws within them. Will has always looked at the Church as a source of good and hope for people but as society changes he sees that the Church refuses to reflect these changes or update itself.

“Will values liberalism, progressiveness and tolerance yet he has to examine the Church that he loves so much being the antithesis of all of these things, he can’t reconcile the situation that Leonard is in, whilst the Church claims itself to be an establishment that is built on love and forgiveness.”


How did it feel to be working during the pandemic?

“First and foremost, it was an absolute joy that I was able to work otherwise I just would have gone mad! I feel very fortunate that I was able to do the job that I love.

“The cast and crew are such a tight knit family and that really highlighted to us the plight of those people who haven’t been able to see their families during this time so we definitely felt lucky in that sense.

“It’s definitely a different experience not being able to see the crew’s faces when they were obscured with masks. It felt very strange but that along with the other measures were a small price to pay when it meant that we’re able to bring entertainment to people.

“We’ll probably continue to work with restrictions for some time to come but if it means that it keeps all the cast and crew safe we’ll keep going.

“Kudos and ITV were really brilliant in that sense that even though we had all the protocols in place, it never looked like we were shooting the series during a pandemic which means hopefully it will be complete escapism for the viewers, they’ll be able to watch Grantchester and feel like they living through a Covid free time.”


Tom Brittney and the rest of the cast are already busy filming the next season of Grantchester.

Premiering in 2022, Season 7 will be set in 1959 and we’ve got the first details here!

Grantchester is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.