‘Victoria’ interview: Jenna Coleman reveals her favourite moments in Season 3

The third season of Victoria drew to a close last night on ITV.

Starring Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who) and Tom Hughes (The Game) as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the eight new episodes of ITV’s critically-acclaimed historical series have seen Victoria tested like never before; as mother, wife, and Queen.

Season 3 is released on DVD and Blu-ray today in the UK from ITV Studios Global Entertainment, featuring exclusive special features.

To celebrate the release, let’s find out what star Jenna Coleman’s favourite (and least favourite!) things were about filming the new season…


1. Victoria vs Lord Palmerston

“[Victoria] hates him. Palmerston was a law unto himself, managed things in a very different way to the queen and perhaps didn’t give her the deference she felt she deserved.

“There is a battle between them but also one for the people’s affections and Victoria isn’t used to competition in that area.

“However, Victoria slowly realises they are more similar than she thought and she begins to become rather fond of him. He is always somewhere between being invited over for tea and being thrown out – you never know which side of the fence she is sat on with him.”


2.Victoria vs Feodora

“There is a lot of unspoken resentment and history between these two – Victoria resents [her half-sister] Feodora for leaving her when she went off and got married, Feodora resents Victoria for having the attention and focus because she was the heir. It is a really difficult relationship.

“They also have a shared experience at Kensington which bonds them so there is a constant push and pull of love and resentment between them. They haven’t seen each other for years and instinctively Victoria doesn’t trust Feodora.

“She knows there is something going on but the extent to which Feodora is being an Iago figure comes to light later on. Feodora cleverly weaves her way through the family, putting a wedge between Victoria and Albert, who are at their most disparate this series.

“They are a few years into their marriage now and have many children, so there are new pressures and strains. They operate completely differently and have always been yin and yang, but they seem to have fallen out of balance with each other.”


3. Being outnumbered by children

Victoria 3 2

“It is a form of utterly amazing and completely chaotic mayhem. You just have to call action and see what happens.

“Kids really do say the funniest things and it is the unpredictability on set which is hilarious, especially when you throw in a few dogs, horses and a couple of politicians.

“I can’t imagine the palace now not inhabited by hoards of children.”


4. That beach scene

“In a scene this series, Queen Victoria takes a dip in the water whilst wearing her bathing suit, which is a lot like pyjamas that are made from hemp.

“It was absolutely freezing and unfortunately we had to film this twice because the weather was so awful.

“The Queen is meant to be taking a leisurely dip but the waves were making it seem treacherous.”


5. Osborne House on the Isle of Wight

“Exploring Osborne House in between filming was a highlight for me.

“More than anywhere else, Osborne House was their familial home and no one has lived there since, so all the decorations you see were designed by Albert and their double desks are still sat together with the pictures on them.

“Victoria’s bedroom where she kept Albert’s picture and pocket watch next to her bed is there to see, along with their piano stools which are still sat next to each other today. More than anything, I felt like I got such a strong sense of their life.”


6. Victoria’s combustibles

“I love her lack of filter, her frankness and honesty. I love the fact that if she likes someone she is incredibly loyal and if she doesn’t, she will let that person know.

“In terms of playing her, when she is in a bad mood or is tired, she is very reactionary and temperate so she has always been known and written about as having tempers. They used to write about her having a ‘combustible’, which I love.

“Victoria didn’t have to answer to anybody and so could really get angry within her own house. She would feel mortified after having one of these ‘combustibles’ and would cry and apologise to Albert but she ping pongs through emotions rapidly.

“As she gets older, she becomes even less controlled so it is fun to age with her.”


Season 3 is out now on DVD and Blu-ray from ITV Studios Global Entertainment, along with a complete Season 1-3 box set, featuring all 24 episodes.