‘Victoria’ writer explains why they’ll need to replace Jenna Coleman

The creator of Victoria has confirmed Jenna Coleman won’t be playing the Queen forever.

A third season of ITV’s historical drama series aired earlier this year.

Queen Victoria died in 1901 and the latest season picked up the story in 1848, leaving half a century of British history to bring to our TV screens.

Victoria showrunner Daisy Goodwin had previously hinted that the cast might be replaced with older actors at some point, like Netflix has done in The Crown.

Jenna Coleman, who has played Queen Victoria in all three seasons of the show, is currently only 33 years old and Victoria lived to the age of 81!

Discussing the recasting plan, Victoria writer Daisy Goodwin commented: “I think [Jenna Coleman] could play 10 years older, and she brilliantly did 10 years younger. But I think 20 years older is a bit of a stretch.”

She added: “I think when actors have to spend another hour in make-up every morning, it’s no longer fun, so we’ll see.”

Coleman also doesn’t sound keen to endure being layered up with facial prosthetics each day, saying: “…obviously there’s definitely going to be a point where [I need] four hours in make-up.”

A fourth season of Victoria is being developed, but it still hasn’t yet been officially confirmed and fans have been warned to expect a long wait.

In the meantime, Jenna Coleman has been busy filming another period drama project for the BBC.

Victoria is available on DVD on Amazon.