‘Victoria’ writer says they might replace the cast in future seasons like ‘The Crown’

There’s some good news and bad news for fans of Victoria.

The good news is that the show’s creator says it could “could run and run”, telling the whole story of Victoria’s life.

The bad news is that it probably won’t be current stars Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who) and Tom Hughes (The Game) playing Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in these potential later seasons.

Victoria creator Daisy Goodwin told Digital Spy: “I hope the series can run through Victoria’s reign, I have thought about how it could continue…”

She hinted: “[A cast reshuffle] could be possible, [but] I have to say it would be very hard to top Jenna. I think it kind of depends really on the appetite of the public.”

The Crown has recently replaced its entire cast for its next two seasons, with Broadchurch star Olivia Colman replacing Claire Foy as an older Queen Elizabeth II.

A third season of Victoria began filming in May and the 8 new episodes will depict a turbulent and uncertain time for both Europe and the monarchy, picking up the story in 1848.

Queen Victoria died in 1901, at the age of 81, so there’s still another half century of British history for the series to bring to our TV screens.

Victoria is available now on DVD on Amazon.

Season 3 is expected to air in the UK this autumn on ITV and on Masterpiece on PBS in early 2019 in the US.