When does Amazon’s new ‘Lord Of The Rings’ TV series start?

The Lord of the Rings fans are in for quite a long wait before they get to see Amazon’s brand new television series.

Exploring previously unseen parts of JRR Tolkien’s fantasy world, the show will apparently cost $500 million – and that’s just for the first two seasons.

It’ll be set before The Fellowship of the Ring and will tell a “totally original” story. The first season is expected to be based around a young version of the character Aragorn, who was played by Viggo Mortensen in the movies.

Amazon executive Jennifer Salke confirmed recently the series won’t arrive on our screens for another three years.

She recently told The Hollywood Reporter: “It’ll be in production in two years – [and on the air in] 2021 is the hope.”

It’s still uncertain if director Peter Jackson, who made the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy and The Hobbit movie trilogy, will be working on Amazon’s new TV project.

Salke commented: “He may say he is involved or he’s not involved. We’re still very much in conversation with him about what kind of involvement he would propose.”

Sir Ian McKellen has said he’s keen to play Gandalf again.

The X-Men actor joked: “Gandalf is over 7,000 years old, so I’m not too old [yet]!”

The complete The Lord of the Rings trilogy box set is available to buy on DVD now.

While we wait for Amazon’s TV series, a new movie about the life of Lord of the Rings author Tolkien is set to be released later this year, starring Nicholas Hoult.