‘Poldark’ writer and cast reveal if and when Season 6 could happen

Poldark fans still hoping for another season could be in luck – eventually!

Based on the series of historical novels by Winston Graham, the BBC’s Cornish period drama series launched in 2015 and concluded last year.

While the fifth season was billed as the show’s last, the makers of Poldark were hinting that this might not be the case even before the final episodes began airing.

Back in 2018, executive producer Karen Thrussell teasingly commented: “This will be the last series in the Poldark chronicle… for now. Who knows what the future may bring.”

More recently, Poldark showrunner and writer Debbie Horsfield speculated that she was open to the idea of making a sixth season at some point.

She told The Guardian: “Never say never. We’ve had an amazing run but there are five books left and who knows what could happen in a few years’ time?”

Season 4 adapted the seventh novel, The Angry Tide, but Season 5 was set during the 10 year time jump that takes place before the eighth novel, The Stranger from the Sea, begins.

Horsfield added that the decision to bring back Poldark would rest with the BBC and production company Mammoth Screen, but she hopes she’d still be involved.

She explained: “The BBC would need to say that they wanted more and we’d take it from there. The relationship with the Winston Graham estate and with the BBC has been wonderful – I like to think they wouldn’t want anyone else to do it.”

The main obstacle will be reuniting the cast, who are all now in demand with other projects.

Aidan Turner sounds like he’s up for reprising the role of Ross Poldark, however.

The Hobbit star told Digital Spy: “[Season 5] doesn’t feel like an ending – I don’t think that is the BBC being crafty and keeping it open-ended for another series in time, but [while] it feels right, it doesn’t feel final final.”

He added: “I think Winston [Graham]’s books pick up a lot later – I think [Ross and Demelza’s son] Jeremy, who is about 10 or 11, is about 21 or 22 in the next book.

“In 10 years time, Debbie [Horsfield, creator/writer] may come with a script and it would be nice to revisit it and it might be something she is not interested in doing, and some of us aren’t either.”

Turner’s co-stars Eleanor Tomlinson (Demelza), Luke Norris (Dwight) and Jack Farthing (George) also appear to be interested in the idea.

Tomlinson said: “Who knows? Wouldn’t it be amazing – but who knows what will happen.”

Norris revealed he would “definitely come back in 10 years,” saying “it has been the privilege of my life for the last five years, so I would absolutely like to come back if they’d have me.”

Farthing was keen too: “I’d come back – how on Earth do you know what you are doing in 10 years time, though! – but I have absolutely adored the role. It has been great.”

Aidan Turner will be back on our screens later this year playing Italian inventor Leonardo da Vinci in a new historical series from one of the writers of Sherlock.

The final season of Poldark is available on DVD on Amazon.