Will the BBC’s new remake of ‘Dracula’ from makers of ‘Sherlock’ be a period drama?

Sherlock writer Steven Moffat has revealed some more information about his next project.

The former Doctor Who showrunner is teaming up with Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss again to make a new version of the classic horror story Dracula.

The pair are currently working on a series of 90-minute specials.

First published in 1897, Bram Stoker’s classic Gothic novel tells the story of Dracula’s attempt to move from Transylvania to England in search of new blood to spread the undead curse.

In a recent interview on BBC Radio 2, Steven Moffat announced that they’ll be reinventing the Dracula story “in a Sherlock-y way.”

Discussing whether the show would be set in the modern day or in its original period setting, he added: “We’re not modernising it or anything, but we are doing a version of Dracula.”

A senior production source revealed last year that “it will probably be on screen in 2019 at the earliest.”

Rumours have circulated that writer Mark Gatiss, who played Holmes’ brother Mycroft in Sherlock, will play the lead role in Dracula.

However, a BBC source said: “Casting is a long way off but the feeling is he probably won’t – but you never know.”

The fourth season of Sherlock aired on BBC One and Masterpiece on PBS last January and the final episode concluded the hit detective drama – for now at least.

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The most recent version of Dracula aired in 2013, starring The Tudors actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Made by Downton Abbey producers Carnival Films, the ten-part series aired on NBC in the US and Sky Living in the UK, but was axed after just one season.