Will there be a second season of ‘Troy: Fall of a City’?

The writer of Troy: Fall Of A City has revealed that there is “potential” for the show to return.

Created by The Night Manager writer David Farr, the eight-part drama series aired earlier this year on BBC One in the UK .

Troy: Fall Of A City went back to the Troy story’s origins: to the judgement of Paris, his scandalous love affair with Helen, and the ill-starred prophecy surrounding his birth.

Farr commented: “I think there is a very interesting potential for what I’d call aftermath series. It wouldn’t just be The Odyssey, because The Odyssey is a fantasy – it involves things that we’re not dealing with [in Troy: Fall of a City].”

He explained: “It involves monsters. It’s totally supernatural. It’s an allegory for a journey home. But there is potential for something that combines something of Odysseus’s return with Agamemnon’s return, which is an incredible story, and far more conventionally dramatic.”

Watch the trailer:

Troy: Fall Of A City premiered globally outside of the UK on Netflix.

The cast included Bella Dayne (Humans), Louis Hunter (The Fosters), David Threlfall (Shameless), Frances O’Connor (The Missing), Jonas Armstrong (Robin Hood), Joseph Mawle (Game of Thrones), Tom Weston-Jones (Dickensian), David Gyasi (Interstellar), Johnny Harris (This Is England 86), and Chloe Pirrie (To Walk Invisible).