Could ‘Grantchester’ star James Norton be the next James Bond?

James Norton has responded to the rumours that he might be in line to replace Daniel Craig when the actor quits his role as 007.

Craig is returning as James Bond one more time in 2019, but the new movie is expected to be his last.

There has been much speculation that Poldark star Aidan Turner or The Night Manager star Tom Hiddleston will be next to wear the famous tux, but now another perfect choice has emerged.

Grantchester star James Norton’s new BBC drama series McMafia launched this week and viewers were quick to spot a new hot contender.

Norton joked: “I did warn [the writers] that if they wrote the first scene of me getting out of a black cab in a tux that would maybe stir [the 007 rumours].”

The 32-year-old Happy Valley actor has disappointing news for Bond fans, however.

He said: “To be honest, I am personally very grateful that Daniel Craig is going to do at least one more. Maybe two, or five…”

McMafia is airing at 9pm on Tuesday nights on BBC One in the UK.