‘Endeavour’ Season 6 Episode 4 recap: What happened in ‘Degüello’?

The sixth season of Endeavour concluded on ITV in the UK tonight.

Here’s a plot recap for ‘Degüello’, which first aired at 8pm on Sunday 3rd March 2019:

When librarian Obsert Page is gruesomely murdered at the Bodleian, Endeavour and Thursday have little to go on besides a set of muddy boot prints.

With the two main suspects – professors Nicholson and Burrowes – have their own motives for killing the librarian, Endeavour digs deeper into their backgrounds, tracking a trail that appears to connect to seemingly innocent college bequest.

Personal animosities and professional rivalries rise to the surface as it becomes clear that the truth relates to the horrific crimes of Nazi Germany, a thwarted love affair and a series of broken promises that led to a group of innocent people to the concentration camps.

But they get Endeavour no closer to solving the murder at the Bodleian.

Meanwhile, the spate of heroin-related deaths continues to grow, and Strange’s suspicions that the deaths are linked to a greater conspiracy of crimes grow.

With the discovery of evidence at the crime scenes linking to the murder of George Fancy, Strange is convinced that the conspiracy goes much further than the criminal community.

Season 6 will air in the USA this summer on Masterpiece on PBS.

The fifth season of Endeavour is available on DVD on Amazon.