‘Victoria’ Season 3 Episode 3 recap: What happened in ‘Et In Arcadia’?

The third season of Victoria continued on ITV in the UK tonight.

Here’s a plot recap for ‘Et In Arcadia’, which first aired at 9pm on Sunday 7th April 2019:

At their new residence at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight, Victoria and Albert have the opportunity to educate their children away from the turmoil of London.

For Albert, Osborne is an idyll and the chance to instruct his children in the appropriate disciplines of an aristocrat, but Victoria is frustrated to be so far from her public and is getting cabin fever.

Itching to return to her duties, Victoria summons Palmerston and Russell to join the royal party upon learning that Palmerston has invited Kossuth, a controversial Hungarian freedom fighter, to London.

Whilst there, the Foreign Secretary is embroiled in a game of intrigue with Feodora and makes his feelings for the Duchess of Monmouth clear, but his liaisons with her are smartly intercepted.

Meanwhile, Skerrett breaks the news of her marriage and resignation to Victoria who is distraught and Victoria and Albert struggle to recover from an explosive argument at dinner over Bertie’s education and Victoria’s priorities as a mother and a Queen.

The first two seasons of Victoria are out now on DVD on Amazon.