British Drama Serials and Films Which Are Popular Among Youth In 2022

Every year, the UK surprises us with new films and series.

There are many dramas among them. And 2022 was no exception. This year, many new series and movies that captivate people of all ages have been released. But most of all, the series is popular among young people. Very often, it is difficult for teenagers to choose what to watch, so we present the most popular British series among teenagers in the 22nd year.


Under Suspicion

The series “Under Suspicion” is a licensed adaptation of the Israeli thriller “False Flag.” The police are on their ears after a daring kidnapping in one of the fashionable hotels in New York. At night. A gang of masked men steals Leo Newman, the son of an influential and wealthy businesswoman, played by Uma Thurman. A video with a cold-blooded beating of a guy immediately hits the Internet and becomes viral. The suspects in the crime are four Britons who seem to be unrelated to each other.

Their Philistine life is bursting at the seams when, due to the actions of law enforcement officers, unpleasant personal secrets emerge to the surface. Heroes want to clear their names, so they are forced to unite and look for real criminals while constantly looking around nervously – is it sure that the perpetrator of the high-profile kidnapping is not hiding among them? There is also a place for reflections on protests, activism, and the notorious culture of cancellation, which can swallow a person without any evidence of guilt. All of this is interesting for modern teens.

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Peaky Blinders

The first season of the gangster television series, launched in 2013, gathered an audience of 2.4 million viewers – such a successful start confidently testified to the need to continue the project. The number of show fans has grown each season and continues to grow. Fans worldwide are imitating the characters, and Peaky Blinders has already become a massive franchise with its merchandise, a collection of board games, and, of course, a computer game based on the series. Every modern teen wants to have a t-shirt or other thing with Tomas Shelby.

Peaky Blinders tells the story of the Shelby gypsy clan between the two World Wars. The Shelby brothers return to Birmingham after the First World War and are trying to set up a business, as well as criminal methods, to gain authority among the townspeople and not only. Intra-family relations develop dramatically and are full of contradictions and conflicts.


Life after life

During a heavy snowfall in February 1910, Ursula Todd dies at birth, but incredibly, fate gives her a second chance. An alternative lifeline is launched, in which the doctor manages to come to the call and cut the umbilical cord around the girl’s neck, allowing her to take her first breath. Thus begins the fantastic story of the main character, who dies from unavoidable circumstances as she grows up but is born again every time. Such an exciting story is the best way to spend the evening for youth. She travels through the era where she witnesses two world wars and tries to live an ideal life through trial and error.



Charlie Spring, an awkward curly-haired high school student, feels like an outcast at school. After a recent coming out, classmates bully him, with or without reason. One fine day, Charlie meets Nick Nilson, a handsome athlete with a good heart and a scattering of freckles on his face. Charlie immediately falls in love with him. But Charlie does not know how to tell Nick about his feelings and not destroy the main thing, their warm, cordial friendship. To make matters worse, Nick seems to like girls. In recent years, the streaming service Netflix seems to have become the primary record holder for teen adaptations. “Heartstopper” emerges from the familiar world of heteronormative romance, illustrating the story of the relationship of two young men who suddenly turned out to be kindred spirits.

It is noteworthy that the series, based on the comic book series of the same name by British writer Alice Osman, is almost devoid of the typical LGBTQ tropes. And if Charlie, according to him, always knew about his sexual orientation, then Nick’s awareness comes gradually – through feelings, emotions, and new life experiences. It’s essential to make movies about LGBTQ characters because it can help many modern teenagers to find their identities.


Everything I Know About Love

This series is based on a bestseller of the same name. The book was written in 2018. The series will air in 2022. It talks about friendship, sex, dating, and everything interesting for teenagers. The series consists of 7 parts. It tells the story of 2 best childhood friends, Maggie and Birdie. The series’ action takes place in 2012 in an apartment in London. Even though the series tells about adolescence, it will be interesting to watch even for adults. The series exposes essential issues, such as the tension in friendships, that are interesting for teens to watch over time. Therefore, this drama will not leave anyone indifferent.


So all these series are interesting in their way and with their history. Therefore, anyone can find a sequel to their liking. Even though these are all dramatic pictures, they tell not only about love and some banal things but also have a deep plot. After watching these series, a person will think about some moments in his life. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your laptop and look for the series that you like.