British Retro Movies for Romantic Date Night for Any Age

Britons are well known for taking over the world when it comes to romantic movies and plays.

If you are a fan of romantic movies, here are some films that you should watch with your partner for your date night.


Hamlet (1996)

As the first complete theatrical movie version of  William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, this film is among the best Shakespeare film adaptations. As such, it’s ideal for older people who want to spend a memorable time with their partner on a date night. In this film, the prince of Denmark, Hamlet, gets back home and finds that his uncle Claudius has killed his father. What’s more? He discovers his recently widowed mother is remarrying Claudius after he has taken the throne. Hamlet decides to seek revenge for his father’s murder. However, he mistakenly kills the father of the woman he loves, Polonius. The move causes an immense ripple effect leading to a sad ending.


Notting Hill

Set in the Notting Hill district in West London, this award-winning romantic comedy movie tells the story of William, an unsuccessful bookstore owner who falls in love with a famous high-end American actress called Anna. However, their relationship goes through a lot of ups and downs due to the difference in their social status. The final scenes show the two tying the knot; they spend quality time together in the park where they went on their first date. This popular adult movie is ideal for mature dating, as it shows the beauty of love.


Brief Encounter

BFI voted this film as the 2nd greatest British movie of all time in 1999, and it explores the story of Laura Jesson and her affair. She comes back from a shopping trip from a close-by town. The bored housewife bumps into doctor Alec Harvey at a café located in a railway station. Both Laura and Alec are married, but their friendship soon blossoms to something greater emotionally than either party had anticipated. They visit each other weekly, bringing them closer to one another. The film is great for mature dating as it shows that love affairs exist when someone is not happy in their marriage.


The Red Shoes (1948)

The Red Shoes is a drama film and an Academy Award-winner that follows Victoria Page, whose dream is to become one of the best ballerinas in the world. Her aunt gives her a chance to perform at the Boris Lermontov. Boris has a famous ballet company and gives Victoria the golden opportunity to dance in his new ballet. She dances with Julian, an upcoming composer. Julian and Victoria fall in love, and the two get married, which does not please Boris. As a result, he forces her to make an impossible choice, and soon tragedy ensues. The Red Shoes is ideal for mature dating because it shows passion and the beauty of obsession.


Gosford Park (1932)

This satirical black comedy mystery film tells the story of Air William, a wealthy but very uncouth aristocrat who owns a large house in the countryside. He is married to Lady Sylvia, and the two live a comfortable lifestyle where they throw parties and dinners. Their servants work tirelessly under the command of butler Jennings and Mrs. Wilson, the housekeeper. A shooting occurs and changes everything. It’s a great movie to watch with your partner on the first date, as you will both enjoy the suspense in the film.