‘Fleabag’ review: The most electrifying, devastating TV series in years

Fleabag is 12 episodes and two great seasons.

The series is full of unforgettable stories that are exploring human nature and what is inside of all of us. You need to listen carefully because Fleabag is talking to you all the time and the only person who will notice it will be the person who will fall in love with this girl. Phoebe Waller-Bridge talks directly to her viewers through the camera, so we all feel included when we watch this tv series.

She is a person who is definitely not easy to love, but surely is deserving of the love in her life. Phoebe is always saying that being what can be stereotypically expected of a girl was never her strong side. Being a sweet and nice and pleasant person to anyone is a nightmare to her and it is also pretty much exhausting.


Phoebe also had a small role in the 2011 film The Iron Lady which is about Margaret Thatcher. She is also an author of Killing Eve, which is a British black comedy-drama spy thriller television series. Phoebe has recently been taken in as a scriptwriter for the new James Bond movie. This decision caused a bit of controversy in the industry, but nothing Phoebe couldn’t handle.

According to rumors, she has been taking this job very seriously and has been working on brushing up on casino knowledge to make it as authentic as possible. It’s not clear whether she was learning roulette systems for online casinos or if she was taking long trips to Las Vegas, trying to learn the game as much as possible.

What we do know is that she is already on top of her game for producing a good script for the movie, but we are sure it will be as professionally done as it gets because she has already written many scripts in her career. Phoebe not only wrote Fleabag but also starred in it as the main character. Due to the success of the series, Amazon video service picked it up and streamed in the US, where the series is also very popular.

Is Fleabag on Netflix?

No. Unfortunately, Fleabag is an exclusive on Amazon. One can stream it on beloved British dramas on prime video. The main question is, will there be a Fleabag season 3? As for no, no. But it can change in the future. It is getting more and more popular every year and maybe in the future, the author decides to write some more scripts. If you binge-watched every series of it, then you need to watch Killing Eve too, because it is somehow having the same vibes. And it is on Netflix.

Why should you watch Fleabag?

This series is full of great humour and nasty jokes. If you have not watched it already, here are some great reasons to watch it. Waller-Bridge wrote her own dialogue and he knows exactly how to make them work perfectly. The story involves the catholic priest (played by Andrew Scott) who is attracted to the main character. He is super handsome, smart, and sarcastic. Their bonding is beyond cool and admirable. Only some of the characters in the series get decent names. Instead, they’re recognized by their duties in the protagonist’s life, as if this were an ancient morality action or amorality performance. (“Fleabag,” is most likely to be a nickname, isn’t expressed or described.)

These TV series are everything. Not to mention the fact of how hilarious they are. It is comedy at heart and it describes the deepest feelings of the characters. Fleabag is expressing every relationship in its own ways and the greatest part of it is that one can watch the whole series in one sitting. For some people, it’s even a therapy. Many hard things are explained in a simple way and that is making the whole series more interesting and easy to understand.

The main reason to watch this series is still Phoebe Waller-Bridge. I mean isn’t she a good enough reason to watch the show? It surely is.