Four memorable period dramas on Netflix in 2023

Although new British period dramas are hogging the limelight at the moment, sometimes you can’t beat revisiting an old classic, can you?

Like pie and mash in the winter months, period dramas are like our television-based version of comfort eating. They provide the perfect escape from all of the chaos in the modern world while also offering an engaging storyline. Thankfully, for lovers of the genre, Netflix has a number of memorable options right now.

Not everyone has necessarily opened themselves up to the benefits of exploring on-demand streaming services like Netflix yet, though, but they definitely should. Netflix is now compatible with mobile and tablet devices, for example, meaning that users can enjoy a social media binge, followed by a watch of some memorable period dramas, before ending their entertainment session with a go of a television-themed slot game on the same device. It’s a great service, although given the extensive collection of content on the platform, it’s worth assessing some of the best options before becoming potentially overwhelmed by the service’s huge selection of productions.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, with a brief look at four of the best period dramas on Netflix right now. It’s worth noting that these options are only available in certain territories around the world, although a VPN could be the answer if you’re desperate to watch a certain recommendation. Anyway, let’s take a look at four memorable period dramas on Netflix in 2023.


Kirsten Dunst stars in 2006’s Marie Antoinette

Kirsten Dunst isn’t a name you’d typically associate with period dramas, but her rare foray into the genre in 2006’s Marie Antoinette can definitely be considered a success. Following the story of the Austrian archduchess who weds a French royal in 1770, the movie gathers further momentum when Marie Antoinette has to deal with the various pressures surrounding her role, most notably around the French throne. Kirsten Dunst doesn’t just nail the job, but the supporting cast help to create a fantastic period production that offers a powerful narrative.


Bridgerton received glowing reviews

Most people have heard of Bridgerton, given the global success it achieved, but not everyone has seen it yet. If you’re part of the latter group of people, then you simply must dedicate some serious time to watching this much-loved series. Every season generally serves up something different, although the first instalment follows the life of Daphne Bridgerton, the second series then focuses on Anthony Briderton’s love affair with Kate Sharma, before the third and final season provides viewing audiences with a look at another romantic relationship between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton.


Kate Winslet’s Sense and Sensibility is a great movie

Although Kate Winslet made a name for herself in Titanic, she has shone in a number of productions before the smash-hit movie. Sense and Sensibility is certainly up there with the very best of them, too, as Winslet appears alongside the likes of Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant in this powerful story. Focussing on three sisters who have to provide for their family after the passing of their beloved father, Sense and Sensibility is a great watch.


The King is well worth a watch

 After becoming King of England in the 15th century, The King is a solid movie that centres around Henry V adapting to his life on the throne. There are numerous obstacles to overcome along the way, war is breaking out around him, treachery is rife, and it’s an all-round ugly time for the new king. Played by Timothée Chalamet and featuring some other highly talented cast members, The King is well worth a watch.