Is the new season of ‘Peaky Blinders’ living up to fans’ expectations?

Some Peaky Blinders fans are not impressed with the newest season as they are used to seeing a lot of battles and fighting going on.

The new episodes have yet to provide any of this, which has left some fans rather disappointed.

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The new season

There have been two episodes so far which have been based on Tommy Shelby arranging some crooked business deals to stitch up his family member Michael who is currently in a prison in America due to Tommy’s doing. The new season is yet to live up to fans’ expectations with the most recent episode coming across quite boring with little going on to keep fans interested in the show. We got to see the long-awaited return of Alfie Solomons who has recently changed his ways and no longer seems to be feared by anyone with how the most recent episode panned out.

Peaky Blinders fans’ have been waiting a long time for the new episodes to start with to be the final series of the show. Many of us expected the season to start with a bang but have been left disappointed so far due to the storyline not making much sense with what we have seen so far. Tommy has changed his ways with him no longer drinking anymore which has turned him into a completely different character and Arthur has turned into a full time drunk which has not helped the family affairs.

What to expect?

It is not clear what is to be expected in the following episodes with Tommy looking to get involved in selling opium across America which is so far causing him some problems with the gangsters in America. By how the last episode ended it looks like Tommy will go into business with Solomons due to Alfie’s uncle being murdered in America and Tommy trying to encourage him to go out there and set up a business selling opium to take back his family’s territory that they have recently lost to a rival gang.

Only time will tell if the series can improve on the first two episodes so it will be interesting to see what is in store this Sunday.