Our guide to the best Casino Movies

The atmosphere of the casino cannot be compared with anything.

The sound of roulette and a poker table. And also the gambling and large sums of winnings how to get around gamstop. All this is like a magnet of people in a casino. But if you can’t find yourself in a real casino, you shouldn’t despair: to feel the atmosphere of excitement and luxury, it’s enough to watch movies about the casino, which impress not only the plot twists, but also spectacular pictures.

A huge list of casino movies proves that this topic is popular with directors. If the action in a movie unfolds in a casino, it will not be boring for sure. In addition, such a location gives the director a lot of options for the development of events: in dramas, crime scenes, and adventure movies events often take place in the casino.

We have chosen a list of the greatest casino movies:

“Casino” Martin Scorsese

A film about how the casino is organized. The plot is built on the work of croupier and staff. Everything is set out as accurately and reliably as possible. It will be interesting to know how the gambling industry was built in Las Vegas. There is no deception and exaggeration. The casino was really under the gangsters’ control. However, we have no doubt that the players in the casino were cheated. On the contrary, the movie interestingly shows a scene where players cheat on the croupier. This is the best movie about the casino.

“Molly’s Game” by Jessica Chastain

The film tells the story of the real “Princess of Poker” Molly Bloom. Since childhood, she dreamed of a career in big sports and could have been an Olympic champion in skiing, if not for the injury that ended these dreams. After moving to Los Angeles, she holds a small position at an underground poker club.

How are illegal poker tournaments organized? Why does the state forbid this game? To bypass the state laws, the main character has to come up with special rules for the poker game. Pay attention, in the movie the story begins with the fact that she gets settled to the assistant of the tournament organizer. Then, due to her abilities, she becomes the largest organizer of an underground poker tournament. The guests of her game only need excitement and drive.

“The Gambler” Mark Wahlberg

Jim works as a literature teacher, and in normal life he does not give away his pernicious passions. But he has something to be ashamed of – the hero’s passion for gambling is so great that he can not resist the game, and owes the casino more than a quarter of a million dollars.

“21” Jim Sturgess

Wanting to become a doctor but unable to pay $300,000 in tuition, Jim Sturgess needs a scholarship to transfer to Harvard Medical School.

Seeing his need for money and his mathematical ability, Professor Kevin Spacey invites him to join a select group of gifted students.

On the weekend, the storyteller joins his new friends for secret trips to Las Vegas, where they use their card skills to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars at blackjack tables. However, along with money, greed and power appear. Students find themselves in a situation where everything they have learned and earned can be destroyed!

Why are casino movies so popular?

Casinos transmit excitement. We really miss it in our daily lives. Please note that the casino story is very rarely built on a scenario where a movie character wins a huge win. The absolute majority of films do not tell about jackpots and other winnings.

Gambling industry helps to cope with stress and get happy minutes from the game. Yes, not always lucky heroes. But this failure is due to the fact that at the right moment they just can’t stop.

Another important point is that none of the films we know about casinos tell us in a negative light. Although, according to the script, the casino was the main source of their trouble. Without the casino, the lives of the heroes would be boring and uninteresting.

Is it possible to experience such feelings when playing online casinos?

Many players are skeptical about online casinos. In their opinion, online casinos can’t convey the atmosphere and emotions that a real player feels. This is not the case. Modern technologies give casinos new and unique opportunities. For example, VR technology. The player is immersed in absolute reality. He can see the image in three-dimensional space, can communicate with the croupier, to place bets in real time. So far, the technology can’t transmit scents – but we think it’s a temporary problem.

If you can’t buy a device for VR technology, use the LIVE Chat function. You can place your bets in a real casino by chatting with your dealer or via video call.