The top UK game show themed slot games

The British love game shows almost as much as they love period dramas. If you flick through the television channels on any night you will find a wide variety of game shows on offer.

They are usually shown earlier in the evening, before the 9pm watershed. That is because game shows are seen as an ideal form of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

This is something that remains the case even in this era of multiple television channels and streaming services. Game shows, like a good period drama, are a staple of British television.


A source of inspiration

The fact that audiences in the UK will flock to watch a really nail-biting game show is something that has been noticed by other industries. In the past, people used to produce board games inspired by popular television game shows.

Now we are living in a digital age, but in many respects, things have not actually changed all that much. Spin-off games that take their inspiration from the latest and hottest game shows still exist; it is just that the type of game has changed.

Nowadays the spin-off games tend to be ones that can be played on computers and mobile devices, instead of board games. Online gaming has been embraced in the UK just as much as television game shows.


Slot game spin-offs

The online slots segment of the gaming industry is one that has particularly captured the imagination of British players. One reason for that is that it has tapped into other beloved entertainments by producing special themed games.

Given the British passion for game shows, slot games inspired by them were bound to prove extremely popular. These slots are based on the really iconic shows – the ones that make the all-time greatest polls.

New players are much more likely to pick one based on a show they are familiar with, as they will already have some grasp of the idea behind it. This helps encourage them to start exploring slots games.


British game shows have inspired the slots industry, with many slot games based on tv game shows.

So, what are the best ones to spin? We have selected several of the top slots inspired by British game shows.


Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Who Wants to be a Millionaire is one of the most popular game shows ever to be shown in the UK. The show is made for genuinely edge-of-the-seat entertainment and was bound to get its own slot spin-off.

This has delighted fans of the show, as the graphics and audio feature the famous stage set and theme music. That really makes you feel like you are in the Hot Seat playing for the million.

Given its name, this slot has to offer big money, and it does – with players having a shot at winning a jackpot 50,000x what they wagered. It is also a Megaways game, so there are 117,649 different ways to win on it.

This has everything you want from a themed slot, from graphics that immerse you in that theme, to the chance of serious payouts.


Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal was another hit in the UK, and is often ranked as one of the greatest British game shows. The format was one of the simplest in television history.

Contestants just opened one box after another in search of the big prize. This was interspersed with cash offers from an unseen ‘banker’ that they could accept instead if they preferred.

The slot has five reels and three rows. It also has a progressive jackpot, so players have a shot at really major money by spinning it.

The 3D graphics capture the imagery of the show, complete with mystery boxes. This makes it fun for Deal or No Deal and slots fans.


The Price is Right

This is another show that has gone down in television history in the UK, thanks to host Leslie Crowther’s famous “come on down” catchphrase. The five-reel, 25-payline slot is directly inspired by it and boasts fine features.

The best of these is the one called Cliff Hangers. That gives the player a shot at multiplying their payout by a maximum of 25x their original stake via free spins.

Another top part of the Price is Right slot is the Big Wheel Bonus, based on the wheel used in the original show. Up to 1000x your wager can be earned by spinning it.


By using well-known tv game shows, slot providers hope to entice players into playing the slot game.


Britain’s Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent is a current game show favourite and the slot inspired by it was created to appeal to fans. The graphics depict television studio lights and a Union Jack flag covered in glitter.

While elements like that might attract fans of the Simon Cowell show, there is plenty for slot lovers too. The Britain’s Got Talent game has two great bonus rounds that can both potentially bring big money wins.


The best British game shows tend to be remembered and celebrated just as the classic costume dramas are. The slots inspired by them have to match them for excitement but have the edge in giving you the chance to win money yourself rather than just watching other people.