Top 10 Online Universities in 2020

Due to the lockdown, students need to know about the opportunities that online education gives.

Today, it doesn’t matter whether you get a degree on campus or on your laptop; as such, every student should pay attention to the new possibilities of online education.

Even if you can’t discuss with your instructor in person before the class, there are so many benefits to studying from your home. Every online student can dedicate enough time to their home tasks. Even if it’s your first essay, there is nothing to worry about. Students today can easily find writing help online and ask “write college paper for me.” Although, studying in university online may seem difficult for those who have highly extroverted tendencies, online education has no fewer benefits to calm the thirst for knowledge.

Try to find your online degree among the top ten online universities we present in the next list.

  1. University of Florida Distance Learning

The best online university is one that covers broad fields of studies. University of Florida (UF) provides students with specialist, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. Mostly this university is famous for its amazing MBA program, which is rated as the best business online bachelor program in the state of Florida.

While applying for online education at UF, remember what exactly you want to study. If you are new to your subject, you can start with a basic academic program and get the related certificate at the end of your study. If you are already a certified specialist and want to get an international degree at UF, you can choose among 200 master or doctorate programs.

  1. The California State University – Sacramento

California State University Sacramento (CSU Sacramento) is a choice for pragmatic students. After getting an online degree with CSU Sacramento, graduates have higher chances to get jobs related to their studies. Start a bachelor’s degree with one of the programs such as social work, education, criminal justice, health sciences, information and computer technologies, arts, humanities, liberal studies, and business.

In this university, you can find over 100 fully online programs both for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. CSU Sacramento is a leader in creating working positions in the ecological field. Everyone who wants to study more about environmental practices and a sustainable workforce is welcome to start and continue their significant researches!

  1. New Mexico State University

New Mexico State University offers the ability to complete 100% online degrees. The only thing you have to do is select the program. A certificate in game design, an associate of applied science in electronic publishing, an associate of public health, bachelor of family and child sciences, master of music education, a graduate certificate in autism spectrum disorders, hybrid programs, and many more possibilities can be had at NMSU online.

Wherever you are learning from, you have 24/7 access to the NMSU library, and all your courses and homework assignments are included in an intense schedule. Get support from your instructors on research, internships, plagiarism, citing your sources, and many other services.

  1. University of Missouri (Mizzou)

If you are an international student and looking for a high-quality degree, you can choose Mizzou. The University of Missouri helps every student to find their desired field of study among 90 online programs and degrees.

With reliable course management systems such as Sakai, Blackboard, and Moodle, every student can visit classes and follow their schedules accurately. Mizzou’s community is full of life even in online mode, so you can courageously ask for help. Learn admissions and financial information to stay updated on the rules – they are slightly different for international students. On the website, you can also find information about required course fees for every discipline.

  1. University of Illinois Springfield (UIS)

Enroll in one of many online degrees of UIS and become an alumnus with a prestigious degree. On the web-portal, you can find the list of graduating students in 2020. It shows how many young people choose this university and don’t regret it. The UIS community appreciates art and recommends everyone who wants to participate in the campus art center and performing programs actively.

UIS’s significant advantage is an active career development center, where every student can find career support. The results speak for themselves: 28% of Springfield workers are graduates from UIS. With perfect website navigation, you can easily study remotely and efficiently control your process.

  1. Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus opened its online programs in 2000 and successfully provided education for students worldwide. In Penn State, future students can find different programs such as associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, undergraduate certificates, master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, and graduate certificates.

The central courses are MBA, economics, arts, science, energetic resources, and many other professional possibilities. Penn State cares about military students and proposes special conditions for those who want to continue education or start a new career path.

  1. University of Cincinnati

If you want to get general online courses or become a certified specialist with degrees, pay attention to the 70 possibilities of distance education that the University of Cincinnati provides.

Many courses are based on health, administration, information, and technologies. Every applicant can get consultation online about entering and admissions. It is essential to feel a connection with your community when you are studying in one of the most prestigious online universities. Stay updated with such crucial online sources as a library, academic support, and daily news.

  1. Boston University Online

Boston is a great city to get a degree, even if you are studying online. Dive into a unique atmosphere of knowledge with the best professors of Boston. Boston University is a non-profit organization that helps people who need to get degrees. If you are looking for professional instruction on how to start and track your career, you are on the right path. Learn the conditions for applicants and use your chance to join highly ranked international online programs.

  1. Arizona State University Online

Choose among 50 online programs of different specializations at Arizona State University! Students can select one of six various dates where they can start their online education.

Every class has specific requirements and differs from others with deadlines where students can submit their homework. Being an online student doesn’t mean you’ll get fewer benefits than on-campus students.

  1. University of Minnesota

In the University of Minnesota, you can not only start your professional growth but also continue studying special development courses. This university is divided into five campuses: Twin Cities, Morris, Rochester, Duluth, and Crookston. Here every student can find a discipline they are interested in and get a degree in pharmacy, medical, nursing, engineering, family, and food safety education.

Final Note

If you are looking for something special, it is better to search by the categories of disciplines you want to certify for. There are many opportunities to study on the Internet today, and the quality of online education is no worse than the ordinary way. By studying online, students will become even more organized because they can no longer say they feel bad and skip classes.

One of the most significant advantages in choosing between online and classic education is the price. You pay less, but get more! With the flexibility of online studies, you can combine your classes and implement professional skills in practice.