Top moments in ‘Peaky Blinders’ you need to revisit

Peaky Blinders was one of the biggest sleeper hits to come out last year from a global standpoint.

While it has always been a huge hit in the UK it has only really just gained recognition across the globe.

Here in the UK, the show was voted as the best show of the decade in a recent survey by LADbible. It’s maintained an incredibly strong cult following since its 2013 premiere, but in the Netflix era, the rest of the world is only just realising the power of Peaky Blinders.

Fans are waiting with bated breath for Season 6 to come out, but director Anthony Byrne already stated that the show hasn’t finished filming the new season due to the current health crisis.

So while we’re waiting for Peaky Blinders to re-enter our lives, below is a recap of the show’s best moments.

For those who are yet to get into it, hopefully these clips give you a reason to keep watching (as long as you’re okay with a few spoilers)!


Tommy shooting Billy Kimber


Cillian Murphy’s acting in Peaky Blinders is top notch, as he carries out Tommy Shelby’s character perfectly. Not only does this make him a fan favourite — but a national one too, as he ranks in the top 10 of a survey on the weirdest celeb crushes by Gala Bingo.

This scene really underscores Murphy’s acting skills, as we’re able to see just how dangerous Tommy Shelby will become thanks to Murphy’s quiet, eerie calm.

Killing Billy Kimber with a bullet to the head was precisely the adrenalin-pumping action that was the perfect ending to season one.


Aunt Polly’s first scene


Speaking of season one, the Peaky Blinders team went all-out in their world building to really draw viewers in. To this day, Helen McCrory (who plays Aunt Polly) cites her very first scene as her most memorable one.

While viewers have since gravitated towards Aunt Polly as one of the most engaging characters in the show, McCrory fondly remembers how Julie Walters recorded the entire scene for her in line with her grandfather’s accent.

When it came time to film, the director had to come up to McCrory to say that “no one’s spoken like that since 1911” — a fun little titbit that adds a lot of depth to the scene.


Alfie Solomons’ iconic speech in Season 3


This scene showcases the show’s emotional depth, proving that Peaky Blinders isn’t just about gang violence and huge shoot-outs. When a heated discussion between Tommy and Alfie almost results in fisticuffs, it’s actually Alfie who gives Tommy a much-needed reality check by saying that one more murder would fit right into Tommy’s already long line of heinous crimes.

Alfie goes onto say that “he who fights by the sword, he f***ing dies by it, Tommy” which has since become one of the most iconic lines of the series.


The women showing their true colours


The women of Peaky Blinders are as strong and calculating as their male counterparts. Indeed, some would even argue that the females characters in Peaky Blinders are the true gangsters, as it does take a lot of conniving to manipulate the likes of Tommy Shelby.

In terms of memorable quotes, everyone remembers how Tatiana Petrovna powerfully stated that “when there are no rules around, women take charge.” This kind of women empowerment is not only fitting in today’s day and age, but also in the dog-eat-dog world of Birmingham.

The BBC have recently roped in the show’s creator to make new TV adaptions of Charles Dickens’ novels, which is a testament to the show’s popularity.

While we may be waiting for our beloved show to make a comeback, there’s a lot to look forward to on the horizon!


Peaky Blinders is available on DVD on Amazon.