Top 25 most popular ‘Downton Abbey’ characters ever revealed – as voted by you!

We love all the characters in Downton Abbey, but everybody has a favourite, right?

Over the past few months, we asked you to vote for your most-loved Downton Abbey character of all time.

Thousands of you took part in our poll and, now that we’ve counted up all the votes, we can reveal the Top 25.

There was one clear winner, with a whopping 18.2% of the votes – can you guess which character it is?


25. Gwen Dawson


24. William Mason


23. Dr Richard Clarkson


22. Mr Mason


21. Phyllis Baxter 


20. Henry Talbot


19. Lady Rosamund Painswick 


18. Lady Rose MacClare 


17. Joseph Molesley


16. Daisy Mason


15. Thomas Barrow 


14. Cora Crawley 


13. Lady Edith Crawley 


12. Isobel Crawley


11. Lady Sybil Crawley


10. Mrs Patmore


9. Robert Crawley


8. John Bates


7. Matthew Crawley 


6. Mr Carson 


5. Lady Mary Crawley


4. Tom Branson 


3. Anna Bates


2. Mrs Hughes 


1. Violet Crawley


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