Christmas 2021 preview: What’s new on BritBox in the UK this festive season?

More than 200 episodes of classic Christmas telly are coming to BritBox soon!

The digital video subscription service from the BBC and ITV offers viewers in the UK the very best in past, present and future British programming.

Featuring the biggest collection of British content available on any streaming service, BritBox is available for just £5.99 per month in HD via web, mobile, tablet, and connected TVs.

Here’s a look ahead at this festive season’s additions in the UK:


Are You Being Served? Christmas Special: Christmas Crackers (available from 18th November 2021)

With a disgusting Christmas canteen dinner, wacky novelty costumes and the fun of pulling holiday crackers, the Grace Brothers staff get into the spirit of the season.


Are You Being Served? Christmas Special: The Punch and Judy Affair (available from 18th November 2021)

To appease workplace tensions at Grace Brothers after a strike, the department staff decide to put on a puppet show and dinner party for the children of their fellow colleagues.


A Christmas Carol (available from 18th November 2021)

Miser Ebenezer Scrooge hates Christmas, but then gets a visit from his companion Jacob Marley, who has been dead for seven years,who urges Scrooge to change his life. 1977 TV drama starring Michael Hordern, John Le Mesurier, and Bernard Lee.


A Duty Free Christmas (available from 18th November 2021)

David persuades a reluctant Amy to spend Christmas in an upmarket hotel in Spain. Coincidentally, Linda and Robert have exactly the same idea, and are booked in the same hotel.


Bernard and the Genie (available from 18th November 2021)

Bernard Bottle, a mild mannered art buyer, is fired by his greedy boss, abandoned by his girlfriend and discovers a genie in an old bottle. The genie immediately embraces the modern world and helps Bernard on the side. Starring Lenny Henry, Alan Cummings and Rowan Atkinson.


Bread: A Quiet Christmas (available from 18th November 2021)

Joey tries to help out when Shifty’s released from prison, Billy’s left facing the anger of the family when the Christmas presents are stolen from the car, the Boswell boys manage to put a smile on Martina’s face, Jack and Nellie go out to buy the Christmas turkey, Adrian has a chat with Julie when she upsets Billy yet again, and Joey is faced with a difficult choice.


Bread: Another Christmas with the Boswells (available from 18th November 2021)

While the rest of the Boswells are oblivious, Nellie discovers that it’s the tiny things in life which can create the biggest dilemmas.


Butterflies: Christmas with the Parkinsons (available from 18th November 2021)

For Ria, Christmas is a time of truth. Surrounded by people she loves, she is forced to do things she hates.


Chas and Dave’s Christmas Knees Up (available from 18th November 2021)

Musical duo Chas and Dave entertain an audience with a mixture of festive tunes and homegrown hits from 1982. They’re joined by celebrity pals including Lenny Peters, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Cricket and Albert Lee.


Christmas Carols on ITV (available from 18th November 2021)

Aled Jones joins the congregation of St Chad’s church in Rochdale, Lancashire, for a traditional candlelight Christmas Eve carol service in 2017. With Shaun Escoffery and Natalie Williams.


Christmas Lights (available from 18th November 2021)

Colin and Howie seem inseparable. Married to a pair of sisters, they work as drivers for the same company and live next door to each other. Life gets complicated after Howie wins a promotion and is confronted with a tough dilemma over staff cutbacks. 2004 TV drama starring Robson Green and Mark Benton.


Clash of the Santas UK (available from 18th November 2021)

Separated from his wife, Howard volunteers as a stand-in Santa at the shopping mall–and ends up getting invited to represent England at an international Santa competition in Lithuania. He gets to take an elf with him, and Colin agrees to fill the role. 2008 TV drama starring Robson Green and Mark Benton.


Ever Decreasing Circles Christmas Special (available from 18th November 2021)

While organising the annual summer fete, Martin has some unexpected news at work. He has been offered a move to another area, but would the community be able to cope without him?


Jam and Jerusalem Christmas Special (available from 18th November 2021)

The ashes of Sal’s late husband are released in a firework display at the village pantomime. A proper send off. Starring Dawn French & Jennifer Saunders.


Knowing Me Knowing Yule with Alan Partridge (available from 18th November 2021)

Alan Partridge, TV’s top chatter-man, returns with his very own Christmas Special, set in an exact replica reproduction of the interior of his own house in Norwich.


No Place Like Home Christmas Special (available from 18th November 2021)

Arthur Crabtree is feeling miserly and decides on a frugal Christmas – his family, however, goes to the other extreme with hilarious consequences.


No Place Like Home Christmas Special (available from 18th November 2021)

Arthur becomes a hero after foiling a supermarket raid.


Oliver Twist (available from 18th November 2021)

Timothy Spall and Tom Hardy star in a 2007 adaptation of Charles Dickens’s much-loved tale of a young orphan boy.


Only When I Laugh Christmas Special: Away for Christmas (available from 18th November 2021)

It’s Christmas at the hospital and although not everyone is enjoying the festive spirits, particularly Figgis. When a new patient arrives on the ward Norman, Figgis and Archie all take a keen interest.


Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em Christmas Special: Learning to Fly (available from 18th November 2021)

Frank’s had a thrilling offer from a relative living abroad – and it involves learning to fly!


Steptoe & Son Christmas Special: The Party (available from 18th November 2021)

Harold and Albert are planning Christmas, the only problem is Albert is planning a cosy Christmas, just him and Harold. Whilst Harold’s plans don’t include Albert at all – he’s off to sunnier climes, only problem is how to tell Albert.


Terry and June: Christmas with Terry and June (available from 18th November 2021)

Terry Scott and June Whitfield star in this suburban comedy of marital ups and downs. Terry and June are in a festive mood as they celebrate Christmas.


Terry and June: Pantomania (available from 18th November 2021)

Terry and June play the cow in the office pantomime but have difficulty getting out of their costume when the hall is evacuated because of a fire scare.


The Two Ronnies Christmas Sketchbook (available from 18th November 2021)

Back again for one very last extra-special Christmas outing, The Two Ronnies bring you their favourite treats from their many Christmas shows. Music comes courtesy of Katie Melua.


The Funny Thing About… Christmas (available from 18th November 2021)

Johnny Vegas illuminates the minefield of Christmas rituals and traditions. Is it a fortnight of goodwill and festive cheer or just two days and a roast? Familiar faces offering their Christmas confessions include Anthea Turner, Vanessa Feltz, Carl Fogarty, Nina Wadia and Matt Richardson.


To the Manor Born Christmas Special: The First Noel (available from 18th November 2021)

A seasonal special of the stately sitcom. Audrey falls out with Richard over who should provide the crib for the village church.


Upstart Crow Christmas Special: Lockdown Christmas 1603 (available from 23rd December 2021)

The plague has hit London, and as Christmas approaches, Will and Kate are in wave fifteen of state-enforced home confinement together in Will’s London lodgings.


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