‘Burial’ trailer: ‘Downton’ and ‘Harry Potter’ actors star in new WW2 movie

A trailer has been released for upcoming Second World War thriller Burial.

Described as “a bloody fight to claim the remains of Hitler,” the action-packed movie will be making its debut this autumn.

Burial boasts a great cast, including Dame Harriet Walter (Downton Abbey), Tom Felton (Harry Potter), Charlotte Vega (Wrong Turn), Barry Ward (The Capture) and Bill Milner (Dunkirk).

Following its world premiere at FrightFest 2022 festival next week, writer/director Ben Parker’s film will be released on digital from Monday 26th September.

It’ll also be available to watch early on selected platforms from 12th September.

Watch the trailer:


The official synopsis reads: “London, Christmas Day. The home of an old woman (Harriet Walter), who watches the news of the collapse of The Soviet Union, is broken into by a violent neo-Nazi (David Alexander), hunting for evidence from World War II. But he gets a little more than he bargained for…

“Flashback to May 1945, the last days of World War II, and the tale of the woman’s younger self.

“In this gripping, thrill-packed feature, we follow a small band of Soviet soldiers, led by intelligence officer Brana Vasilyeva (Charlotte Vega), who must find Hitler’s corpse and deliver it back to Moscow and Stalin, as proof of his death. En route, the unit is attacked by German ‘Wehrwolf’ partisans, who stalk the fighters with the ultimate mission to pick them off one-by-one.

“Brana leads her determined surviving comrades in a last stand to ensure their ‘cargo’ doesn’t fall into the hands of those who would see it buried, to hide the truth forever. What ensues is a thrilling high-stakes mission.

“This bloody, brutal but poignant thriller is rife with tension and action in a race to stop this important piece of history from being buried forever.”

Harriet Walter didn’t return as Lady Shackleton in the recent Downton Abbey: A New Era, but perhaps she could return in a third movie?

Downton Abbey: A New Era is available on DVD on Amazon.