‘Downton Abbey’ writer wants Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in movie spin-off

Julian Fellowes has revealed that he’s keen to cast Jeremy Corbyn in the upcoming Downton Abbey movie.

It was confirmed last month that the long-rumoured film project is officially going ahead.

However, Downton creator Fellowes recently explained that he may have to re-cast the show’s characters and set the movie 30 years before the TV series as a prequel if too many of the original cast are unavailable to return.

He’s now also revealed that wants Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to appear in the film – even though Fellowes himself is a Tory Peer.

Speaking at a China Exchange event in London this week, Fellowes described Corbyn as a “natural” fit for the movie, commenting: “We will have to see what we can arrange. I think Jeremy Corbyn proved to be much, much better than his opponent in the election but better than anyone expected.”

He added: “He tapped into this youth market very successfully and that is very powerful.”

If actor Paul Copley is unable to return as Mr Mason in the movie, they could certainly get Jeremy Corbyn to take over the role without Daisy and Mrs Patmore noticing!

The Downton Abbey movie is due to begin filming in 2018.