‘Endeavour’ writer insists ‘there is a reason’ for THAT moustache

Fans were overjoyed when the new Endeavour trailer debuted last month – apart from one thing!

The Inspector Morse prequel series is back this weekend with the first of four new crime mysteries, set in 1969.

However, star Shaun Evans has a new look this season, sporting a rather bold moustache.

Responding to the outcry from fans, Endeavour creator Russell Lewis told Den of Geek: “Well, there is a reason for that! We’ll see what people make of it.

“You look at the mop-tops in ’64, and by ’69, they’re men. That’s as much a part of it as anything else, but there is a reason for it, which I hope will become apparent.”

The Endeavour writer, who has written every episode of the detective drama, explained: “The fashions and hairstyles have always been great fun to play with, without going too over the top with it.

“When we look at documentaries, it’s always the cutting-edge fashion, but on the streets, it’s usually a couple of years behind. There’s still a little bit of lingering ‘50s and early-‘60s style.”

Watch the Season 6 trailer:

Season 6 begins at 8pm on Sunday night on ITV in the UK.

It will air in the USA later this year on Masterpiece on PBS.

The official synopsis reads: “It’s 1969, and things have taken a darker turn for the old Cowley team. With Endeavour, Thursday and the gang now scattered across Oxfordshire, it takes a series of brutal crimes to reunite them.

“Now joined by former adversary DCI Ronnie Box and his sidekick DS Alan Jago, the gang must battle crime and corruption to finally solve their greatest challenge – the truth behind George Fancy’s death.”

The fifth season of Endeavour is available on DVD on Amazon.