This is why ‘Endeavour’ has fewer episodes in Season 6

Endeavour returned last night, but there won’t be as many episodes this season.

The Inspector Morse prequel series is back with four new crime mysteries, set in 1969.

However, that’s two stories fewer than last year’s season.

Actor Shaun Evans, who plays DS Endeavour Morse, has explained why: “It’s particularly taxing on the crew and on members of the cast as well. The danger being that it becomes ‘just a job’.

“It’s something that… you want it to feel special, and not for standards to slip. Rather than: ‘God, we have to make another two after this’.”

Endeavour writer Russell Lewis added: “I loved doing six. It was lovely to have a slightly bigger canvas to paint on. You could develop things slightly more across 12 hours. But it was a big ask of all the team to do those six. I mean, it took us pretty much the year to get them done.

“I think for Shaun and Roger [Allam], they like to be doing other things as well – as much as they love it – just to stretch themselves, and take time out.

“They like to be able to do other things, so that kind of dictated why we’re doing four this year, rather than six.”

Watch the trailer for the new season:

Season 6 continues at 8pm next Sunday on ITV in the UK.

It will air in the USA later this year on Masterpiece on PBS.

The fifth season of Endeavour is available on DVD on Amazon.