Watch the trailer for new James Bond TV series ‘007: Road to a Million’

The first trailer has been unveiled for Amazon’s new 007 television series!

From the producers of the iconic James Bond movie franchise, Prime Video‘s upcoming adventure game show series launches next month.

007: Road to a Million will follow nine pairs of everyday people as they are unleashed on an epic global adventure through a series of Bond-inspired challenges for a shot at each winning a life-changing £1,000,000 prize.

Apparently the new UK Original series will be “packed with suspense, nail-biting challenges, and high emotions.”

You can see a trailer here:

The trailer introduces Succession star Brian Cox as the on-screen mastermind behind the game, called “The Controller.”

We’re told that Cox’s character “The Controller” will dictate the intricately devised and often relentless challenges that the contestants must face, monitoring each pair’s quest and delighting in the unfolding drama.

When’s the release date?

007: Road to a Million premieres exclusively on Prime Video around the world on Friday 10 November.

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The official synopsis tells us more: “The Controller has hidden 10 questions around the world for each pair of contestants, who have a chance of winning £1,000,000.

“To reach these questions, the pairs face Bond-inspired challenges, which push their physical strength and mental reserves to the limit.

“Each question is worth an increasing amount of money, and if answered correctly, they bank the cash and continue to the next question. If they get it wrong, their journey is over.”

Locations in the globe-trotting series will include the Scottish Highlands, Chile’s isolated Atacama Desert, the bustling streets of Venice, and the majestic Swiss Alps.

The series sounds rather fun, and hopefully it’ll keep 007 fans entertained while we eagerly await the announcement of the next actor to play James Bond following Daniel Craig‘s swansong in 2021’s No Time to Die.

No Time to Die is available on DVD on Amazon.