‘The Crown’ star Claire Foy reveals her favourite moment in Season 1

Claire Foy has revealed which episode from the first season of The Crown was her favourite.

Netflix’s biographical period drama tells the story of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, played by Wolf Hall actress Claire Foy.

The first season debuted in November 2016 and ten new episodes recently completed filming ahead of their arrival on Netflix later this year.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Foy reflected on Season 1 and her favourite episode: “I really loved episode 9 (‘The Assassins’). I just really thought it was near perfect.”

She explained: “That’s the episode when Churchill is having his portrait painted and where Philip and Elizabeth have a real break in their marriage and you start to see the cracks in what they’ve been through.

“Not that I enjoyed playing that or relished the confrontation, but I felt like I could really get into it at that point and I really enjoyed doing those scenes with Matt [Smith], and Ben Caron, who directed those episodes, was just amazing to work with.”

Season 2 is will premiere on Netflix in December.

Creator/writer Peter Morgan’s plan is for The Crown to run for six seasons and 60 episodes in total.