‘Versailles’ returns for a final season – watch the trailer!

Versailles makes its return to UK screens this week.

Set in 17th Century France, the historical fiction drama series is back for a third and final season of 10 episodes, beginning at 9pm tomorrow night on BBC Two.

Watch the trailer:

In the opening episode of Season 3, Louis celebrates France’s victory over the Protestant Dutch and their allies by welcoming defeated Emperor Leopold of Hungary and his niece Eleanor to Versailles. But Leopold’s own ambitions could have personal consequences for the French King. Madame de Montespan finds a way to hurt a former friend, the King’s prim companion François de Maintenon.

Philippe returns a war hero, accompanied by his brother-in-arms, Guillaume, who is rewarded by the King for his bravery in battle. However, when Guillaume returns he sees his fellow workers and neighbours struggling in poverty. The tax burden is growing and resentment is mounting. Meanwhile, Philippe is determined to trace a mysterious man in an iron mask.

Season 1 and Season 2 of Versailles are available to buy now on DVD on Amazon.

Versailles premiered in November 2015 and it was announced in March this year that the show’s third season would be its last.