Will there be a second season of ‘World on Fire’?

The BBC has confirmed that World on Fire has been renewed for another season!

The new period drama series from the makers of Poldark premiered on BBC One in the UK in September, marking 80 years since the outbreak of World War II.

There’s no news yet of exactly when World on Fire will return, but the first season reportedly took two years to make so we could be waiting quite a while.

Still, at least we now know we’ll eventually get a resolution to the finale’s cliffhanger ending, unlike poor Home Fires.

The first season opened with the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 and concluded with the Battle of Britain in 1940.

The first season of World on Fire will air in the US on Masterpiece on PBS in 2020.

The official synopsis reads: “This is a series that takes us across the first year of the war, from ordinary life in Manchester to the beaches of Dunkirk, getting right under the skin and into the hearts and minds of those living their lives during this extraordinary time as they grapple with the unthinkable: a world in flames.”

The all-star cast includes Oscar-winner Helen Hunt (As Good As It Gets), Sharpe star Sean Bean, Lesley Manville (MumRiver), Jonah Hauer-King (Little Women) and Julia Brown (The Last Kingdom), but we’ll have to wait and see who’ll be back.

Season 2 is expected to span the years 1940 to 1941.

World on Fire is available on DVD on Amazon.