‘The Durrells’ recap: What happened in Season 4 Episode 4?

The final season of The Durrells continued on ITV in the UK tonight.

Here’s a plot recap for the fourth episode of Season 4, which first aired at 8pm on Sunday 28th April 2019:

With his marriage deteriorating, Spiros finds himself spending more time at the ‘bawdy house’ helping to build Gerry’s zoo.

Leslie, having clocked the frisson between Basil and Dimitra sets about creating a honey trap with the intention of freeing up Spiros for Louisa.

This seems to work when Basil keeps disappearing for mystery visits and finally admits to having a ‘lady friend’ but won’t say who it is.

Theo tries to warn Louisa that the ‘bawdy house’ is attracting the wrong sort of attention from the locals. Initially she doesn’t take him seriously, until she finds herself boycotted in the shops.

Realising she needs to win back the love of the locals she enlists the family’s help at the Summer Solstice party.

Meanwhile, edging towards manhood Gerry’s relationship with Galini develops and he has to fend off a rival for her affection andi n Dorset, Margo is doing her best in her new role as Governess but finds it hard.

Slowly she and Maud bond over their love of iconic films, spending more time at the cinema.

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