‘Vienna Blood’ Episode 3 recap: What happened in ‘The Lost Child’?

The BBC’s new period crime drama Vienna Blood continued in the UK tonight.

The best-selling Liebermann novels by Frank Tallis have been adapted for TV by Sherlock writer Steve Thompson.

Vienna Blood is set in 1900s Vienna, starring Matthew Beard (The Imitation Game), Juergen Maurer (Vorstadtweiber), Conleth Hill (Game Of Thrones), Charlene McKenna (Ripper Street), Amelia Bullmore (Gentleman Jack) and Jessica De Gouw (Dracula).

Here’s a plot recap for the third episode, which aired at 9pm on Monday 2nd December 2019 on BBC Two:

As Max tells his family that Clara has broken off their engagement, the Liebermanns are shocked by an act of violence from Max’s sister Leah’s son Daniel.

When Leah finds bruises on Daniel’s body, Max persuades Oskar that the military academy which he attends should be investigated.

On visiting St Florian’s, the colonel headmaster is unsympathetic and suggests that Max collects Daniel’s things and leave but in the dormitory, Max sees that the bed next to Daniel’s is empty and is told that the boy died in an accident ten days ago.

Max finds a coded note in Daniel’s things and begins to suspect some sinister goings on at the academy.

Oskar admonishes his colleague von Bulow for not conducting a proper investigation into the death at the academy under suspicious circumstances.

Frank Tallis’s Liebermann novels are available on Amazon.