5 British Dramas You Can Watch on NexTV on Demand Today

In a world full of streaming services everywhere, it’s surprisingly easy to get bored these days.

The problem is that most of us are spending way too much time at home, so running out of quality entertainment is pretty much an inevitability.

NexTV provides a solution to this problem by granting their users access to entertainment options that are not as mainstream. Their service puts a heavy focus on indie programs and exceptional British dramas, in particular, so you are quite likely to find options here that you won’t easily find anywhere else. To get started with NexTV’s different brand of entertainment, try the following five British dramas that are available to stream with NexTV on Demand right now.


Elizabeth is highly regarded as being the best portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I in a movie, to date. The struggles of the orphaned teenager and her royal resolution is more cerebral than melodramatic. If you had to choose between the two Elizabeth movies, just watch this one first for both chronological correctness and because you will have spent your spare time better! The first and the original Elizabeth by Kapur really is that much better than the second. However, the second in the series is also on this list because of Cate Blanchett’s unforgettable performance in both movies, and also for the sake of closure.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Following up on the success of Elizabeth in 1998, Shekhar Kapur’s Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007) is also a must-watch for anyone who liked Cate in the first movie. While Elizabeth was concerned primarily with the Queen’s ascension to the throne, her struggles to hold the Crown against a number of male contenders and highlights of her early reign, Elizabeth: The Golden Age focusses on Elizabeth I’s reign and personal life and love story during the latter years of the Queen’s rule. Although the first movie is far more enjoyable, Cate Blanchett’s brilliant portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I makes both dramas worth your time.

Downton Abbey

Downtown Abbey is one of those dramas that is extremely famous, and yet, a lot of Brits have not even watched a single season yet for some reason! Correct that error because all six seasons of the drama written by Julian Fellowes are brilliant in not just plot, but also portrayal. With brilliant actors and actresses such as Maggie Smith, Lilian James, Michelle Dockery, Dan Stevens, and Hugh Bonneville among others, Downtown Abbey is a drama that comes alive with themes of blackmail, crises, war, love, fashion and even gardening for that matter, without ever taking itself or the plot more seriously than it should.

Little Women

A classic and a literary masterpiece in its own time and place by Louisa May Alcott, we are discussing the mini-series that came out back in 2017 here, not the movie. There is only one season of Little Women, and it has just three hour-long episodes in it, but these are three hours that will tug at more of your heartstrings that you might be prepared for. It’s warm, tragic, and innocently hopeful at the same time. You will love the theme set in old England, as Little Women’s story follows the four sisters Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy through their life’s journey from growing up without a father and falling in love to heartbreak, marriage and even tackling the jealousies of a particularly mean sister!

My Cousin Rachel

The original novel was of course written by Daphne du Maurier more than seven decades ago in 1951, but everything from the screenplay to the direction of this 2017 adaptation was completed by Roger Mitchell. With Rachel Weisz as the main star in this romantic drama, it turned out to be the best drama that Mitchell had made.

Not only is the plot quite enjoyable on its own, but the acting by Rachel Weisz makes the English drama feel more authentic than it would have ever felt without her in it. Speaking of the plot, it concerns Philip investigating Rachel, the wife of his dead cousin Ambrose, under suspicion of murdering her husband. Ironically and intentionally, Rachel is also a distant cousin of Ambrose and Philip. There’s also another cousin here by the name of Nick and you really need to see My Cousin Rachel to find out about his role in this mysteriously romantic and dark English drama.

These are, of course, just a few of the many other British dramas you will find on NexTV, but if you choose to watch these first, you will know why they made it onto this list. Do explore their collections a bit more, as there are some indie gems in there too that were absolutely created for the English, drama-loving audience in mind.