6 hidden Fire Stick features and settings you need to know about

Among the most popular streaming gadgets on the market is the Amazon FireStick. It is a relatively straightforward device to operate. Connect it to a power source and your television’s HDMI connector, and then turn it on. 

It comes with numerous pre-figured apps you may use to stream a myriad of content. Even with its minimalism, the FireStick has a few hidden features you must know about. 

Of course, you will not be using these features at all times. However, they are all necessary for configuring and fine-tuning the FireStick to provide you with the best possible service. So we dug in a bit more and discovered the following hidden FireStick features you need to know:



The vast majority of FireStick devices update automatically. However, there are many instances where this may not be the case. Outdated software will compromise your FireStick’s performance and reliability. It can also limit the apps you can install. All of this can indeed be avoided by the gadget’s update feature. 


Remote Control App 

We all know the importance of a remote for operating our FireStick. However, every user has always had this one time when they lost the remote and could not locate it when they needed it the most. 

Well, you do not have to be concerned about it anymore because your smartphone can easily be transformed into a digital remote. All you are to do is download the FireStick TV App on your smartphone. The app supports both Android and iOS. Install the app and activate it on your phone to enjoy seamless streaming. 

There are a lot of hidden functions on the FireStick, and this one is probably the most useful. It implies that you can manage your FireStick without using your remote. You may do it whenever you want, provided your cellphone with you. 

When trying to type something, the virtual remote comes in practical as well. It enables you to type using the phone’s keyboard. When opposed to the thought of using the remote, this is far more convenient.


Connect Game Consoles via Bluetooth 

Many individuals assume that we refer to Bluetooth speakers only when connecting devices to the FireStick. However, there are additional alternatives. The device allows pairing numerous controllers with it, and among them lie gaming consoles as well. This is particularly critical for those who wish to engage in online gaming. 

Not just controllers, the FireStick also allows pairing other Bluetooth devices like headphones, keyboards, Alexa voice assistant, and others. This is among the innovative features that you may not be surprised to learn about, yet they are critical. 


Downloading Apps from Unknown Sources

Those who have been using FireStick for a while are probably aware of its side-loading features. “Jailbreaking” is a typical term for this. Since the FireStick runs Android, you can sideload software from sources other than the Amazon App Store by enabling the “apps from unknown sources” feature. 

Among the most widespread uses for FireStick is installing streaming apps. You will need a downloading tool to side-load these third-party applications. Lookup a sideload unlimited streaming apps guide to help further you understand the process.


Mirroring from your Smartphone 

We have all heard about mirroring your laptops or PCs to the FireStick, but can we do it with our smartphones? Mirroring is the act of copying your phone display to the FireStick. Imagine you have a collection of photos you would like to show off on a big screen. 

Instead of copying each file to the FireStick, mirror the device. All you do on your phone is now reflected on the huge screen linked to the FireStick. 

With androids, mirroring is a relatively simple task. Hold down your controller’s home key for some seconds. Look for the “Mirroring” option on the next screen and select it. After that, unlock your phone and choose mirroring from the menu. It is as easy as connecting to the FireStick.

With iOS, though, you may need a third-party app to mirror your phone to the FireStick. There are several apps like this available on the Apple App Store. 


Closing the Apps in the Background 

We do not understand it, but apps on FireStick will run in the background until you stop them. Background apps can be turned off for a variety of reasons. 

However, it primarily aids in the optimization of your device’s efficiency. You will also get more bandwidth and save money on data. To turn off running apps, go to the upper left corner of your screen and press the search feature. Type “Background Apps” into the search bar that displays and hit enter.

Download the app once you have found it. Open the app, and it will display a list of all the applications that are now operating in the background. Choose the option in the top left corner to dismiss all apps.

A panel appears in the form of a drop-down menu. Scroll until the “Force Stop” option appears. When you press it, all background programs will shut off. This is one of FireStick’s hidden functions that many people are unaware of. However, it is effective.


The FireStick comes with a slew of unique features. Each is intended to assist you in getting the most out of your gadget. The features listed above ought to be valuable enough to allow you to configure your device.