Download YouTube to MP3: The best website

Ever wondered how you could download music videos but in MP3 format from YouTube?

Don’t want to pay for overly expensive audio streaming services every month? Want to get all sorts of content in MP3 format within seconds? If you’ve said yes to all the above questions then you’re in luck.

There is a solution to downloading YouTube videos into MP3 format without the need to subscribe to YouTube music. Listening to audio on YouTube can be a hassle when you’re running it on your preferred device. The video running in the background can be a distraction while driving or the unlocked screen can navigate through other videos while you’re jogging ruining your listening experience.

Locking your screen to avoid mishaps can lead to stoppage of the video and the audio too. How about if there is a way to directly convert any YouTube video to MP3 within seconds. Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, you can. It is called an online YouTube to MP3 converter and it gives you the possibility to have all the options listed above during the listening of a video or podcast.

So, what is the quickest solution to all this? Well, you can easily download your preferred music from different websites via google, however that does take a considerable amount of time. If you’re not careful during this process, you might even download viruses by mistake without even knowing. This can create performance issues on your system or theft of sensitive data.

Converters have been around for a decade or more now, however, they have lost their charm over the years. Online converters came in a time where people had no streaming services and therefore, they would simply plug the URL of the video they wanted to convert and download them immediately to their systems.


We know what’s on your mind, why haven’t we heard of converters before. Well, converters came at a time when the internet technology and YouTube was fairly new. Most of the people who had access to the internet had low speed connectivity through a modem device. The speeds would be so low that it would create issues during conversions and downloading. Thus eventually, over time people lost confidence in the technology which was truly ahead of its time.

Converters did not work in the first place because they were part of the golden age of the internet where advertisements were sold all across the web pages. The websites were difficult to navigate through since users would accidentally end up on a different landing site due to advertisements sneakily placed across the online converter websites.

Recently, all of this has changed. The Internet has gotten faster and cloud technology has been developed to new unprecedented levels. This has allowed easy and fast conversions on cloud without the need for having really fast internet or hardware. The file is converted online and then immediately downloaded without any breakage or errors associated with converters in the past. So, which one is the best YouTube to MP3 converter?

The usage of a YouTube MP3 converter gives you a lot of advantages, like in this case Go-MP3 allows you the following :

  •       Ultra fast download
  •       No daily limits
  •       No premium packages
  •       No specific hardware requirements
  •       Compatible with all devices
  •       No ads
  •       Active management and more.

It simply allows users to convert videos straight from YouTube and download them in MP3 format. Using is very simple. Just plug in the URL in the link bar and click on search or press enter. The website will search for the file on YouTube and extract its thumbnail and some relevant information.

If it matches the YouTube video you wish to convert, then press download. It will start converting the YouTube video to MP3 and automatically start downloading it to your device. You can repeat the process as many times as you’d like. It’s completely free so check it out.