Increase Your Followers on Instagram: An Organic Guide

Instagram is a leading social platform; that created a whole new market of influencers.

It not only gives regular people to share their sweet and personal photos with your friends and families, but it also provides a platform for brands to engage with their consumers. And to bridge the gap between brands and regular people, influencers work hard on their profiles.

The best way to prove yourself as an influencer is by having a high count of followers and engagement. It ultimately translates as your worth in front of brands and gives you an upper hand. A few ways to increase your follower count are:

  1. Create Engaging Content: The best way to get Instagram followers is through the creation of engaging content. Not only should your content be aesthetic and valuable, but it should make people want to engage with you; leave comments, ask queries, and ultimately buy your product.

There are many ways to create engaging contents, and fortunately, Instagram also provides a lot of built-in features. Your responsibility is using those features to the best of your abilities. You can create a poll on a controversial thing (like do you like mint chocolate or not) and start a conversation going.

You can visit your followers’ account and leave likes and comments on their profiles, and start giveaways after reaching a milestone, or you can grow your following with All these activities increase your exposure to a higher audience in your network, and ultimately, increases your followers.

  1. Create A Schedule: To survive in today’s Instagram influencer world, you must have a consistent posting schedule. And more importantly, your schedule should be optimal. Create a pre-planned schedule for your posts and stick to it. Remember, consistency is the key. You can plan out all the posts of a week on the weekend. You can either chose to post on alternate days or post on weekdays only.

While creating a schedule, you should analyze your Instagram statistics and create an optimal schedule. Post on times when user activity is highest and vary the times. Deduce from statistics what type of content your audience engage with the post, and build that up. Some apps let you pre-plan posts, and utilizing them will work in your favour.

  1. Networking: Last but not least, put yourself in the network. Familiarise and befriend with other influencers in your niche and work with them. If you do a collab with an influencer that is in the same niche as yours, it increases the exposure of your account to an audience interested in your content. You can work with other influencers and start group giveaways that are the best way to boost your followers.

The next step of networking includes reaching out to brands in your niche and doing marketing with them and for them. But, as an influencer, you should be careful and remember to stick to truths and your audience. They support you for your honest reviews and sticking to that will boost your follower count.