Lesser Known British Movies With a Gambling Vibe Worth Watching

Even though most gambling movies are produced in the USA and directed by Americans, today we are ranking the lesser-known British movies about casinos and gambling.

We usually associate gambling movies with the United States. It is only natural because most larger casinos are located in Las Vegas, and the overall allure of casinos comes directly from the United States. Nevertheless, believe it or not, British directors have created quite a few memorable movies that don’t get enough talk around them.

They all capture the aesthetics of gambling perfectly. After all, the casino vibe is present in many movies, and British ones are no exception. Today we have selected some of the more underrated ones for you to enjoy. Spoiler alert: we’re not talking about James Bond.

The Popularity of Gambling in Pop Culture

Even though today will be mostly talking about land-based casinos, it is a good idea to review the overall history of gambling and slots to see how we got there. Land-based casinos started because they were luxurious and alluring. Thousands of millions of people traveled all around the world to get this specific Las Vegas experience. That is why so many movies talk about them. However, nowadays, the majority of professional players actually prefer online casino sites since they are more accessible, have ease of use, and are associated with bigger rewards. All in all, gambling online is a preferred option for someone who doesn’t want to travel. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that actual, real-money casinos are still not out there.

Sadly, there aren’t a lot of movies that talk about gambling online. Most of them will talk more about real-life poker games, tournaments, impressive earnings, and tricks. They are also not to be trusted when it comes to the rules and the ways you can play. This is especially true about American films focusing more on mind tricks and how you can get away with tricking the house (the casinos). So today, we recommend several British movies, but make sure you don’t learn from them.


The majority of people will start this list by thinking about James Bond. However, it is a highly overrated movie, and we wanted to start with Croupier. This film is almost just as popular but more complicated and reminiscent of the early British detective stories. You will be amazed by the aesthetics and the thrill of the chase.

Like Minds

We have promised that we will mostly talk about movies with a gambling aesthetic. This means that they will not necessarily involve actual online casinos but study the art of gambling and taking risks. This is one such movie that stars Toni Collette, Eddie Redmayne, and Tom Sturridge. Like Minds is about mind games and the bizarre world of luxury and secrets. The main concept can’t apply to gambling, so we have chosen this field. Besides, the actors are nothing less than brilliant; the overall plot will capture your attention. This is a favorite of ours.

The Cooler

This movie can still be considered a classic. It deals with high rollers and their lives at the craps tables. It also covers gambling addiction topics and can teach you an important life lesson. However, this is not the most realistic movie and is largely romanticized in the media.


First and foremost, this movie is a masterpiece. It features one of the best actors, including Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, and Ewen Bremner. We can also call this one partially Scottish or British, depending on where the action takes place. The characters move from Edinburgh to London, and the scenery changes quite often. If you were wondering whether this movie is connected with gambling, we would say only if you count the vibe. It doesn’t deal with aesthetic online games or casinos. However, the overall movie is about gambling with your life, making valuable decisions, and having fun. Therefore, even if you cannot necessarily see the actual casino somewhere inside, the aesthetics of the film are telling.


Today we have recommended some of the more underrated movies that either have the gambling vibe or are associated with online casinos. Not all of them are directly linked with casinos. Nevertheless, you will have a lot of fun watching them. They all discuss gambling in real life and try to see why people take risks. Films like Trainspotting and Like Minds will teach you about taking risks and mind games, while others will reveal more about the gambling world. However, we would not recommend you use them as lessons, especially regarding the rules and regulations of gambling. You should always be responsible, control your budget, and watch these movies for entertainment.