Remarkable British movies of the past decade

The growth of the British movie industry has had quite a remarkable turn over the past decade, with incredible and award-winning movie productions under the industry’s belt, ranging from the uniqueness of the characters down to the fascinating plot twists.

The casts are carefully selected for specific genres and roles make it the most reason why they have flourished over the past decade. A few examples and brief storyline of some of these fascinating dramas are cited in this article.


1. Kill List (2011)

An ex-force man finds himself in deep trouble after a live assignment went south. He further gets excess pressure from his partner to take on further assignments. This movie which was directed by Ben Wheatley has now become one of the most popular movies in Britain in the last decade as a result of its controversial plot. It brings together premium action and stirs a feeling of satisfaction in viewers, which makes it one of the best British films to be released in 2011.


2. Ex Machina (2014)

A programmer who wins a competition to spend 7 days with the company’s Chief Executive Officer at his private residence gets a shocking discovery as he finds out he has been selected as a human competent in a Turing test. This movie perfectly delineates how fate can be found even in the most unlikely circumstances. With its unbelievably worrying and yet fascinatingly thought-provoking scenario, Ex Machina feeds movie lovers an absolutely beautiful viewing experience and top-tier costumes.


3. 45 Years (2015)

A couple was making plans for their anniversary when a mail came in for the husband, which turns a remarkable moment into an almost unforgettable event. With their forty-fifth anniversary just five days away, will there be something worth celebrating? 45 years is one of the most interesting movies in recent times, and it shows the audience that there can be a calm yet fascinating storyline.


4. Starred Up (2013)

The plot of this movie summarizes up to a nineteen-year-old boy being moved to a maximum-security facility where he finds out his father also happens to be in the same facility with him. Unfortunately, being devastated by this, he makes enemies a little too quickly with everyone around.

This movie was regarded as the best movie in 2013 in the UK movie industry. Starred Up is an absolutely unique movie and provides an absolutely unique experience for viewers. It descends viewers with its beautiful yet haunting storyline and questions on what a mess life can be sometimes.


5. The Selfish Giant (2013)

This movie explores the relationship between two thirteen-year-old best friends. As one of the boys discovers that he has a gift with horses, it initially causes a little distance between childhood friends and later turns to take a dramatic angle. With a roller-coaster of emotions, this blockbuster was mentioned as a masterpiece of contemporary British drama. It delineates friendship twists, pain, and agony, hence making the plot very fascinating.