The Top Three British Casino Movies

Britain alone has created some iconic casino movies over the years and is home to a collection of classics that you’ll want to go on to watch time and time again.

Across the pond, there’s even more great casino films out their which movie lovers will be more than familiar with, including the light-hearted Hangover series, starring Bradley Cooper and the Oceans franchise, which include world famous stars including Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

If you can’t make it to the casino right now, what better way to experience the thrill and excitement of it by hosting a film night and binging on some of Britain’s top casino films? Be sure to get the popcorn and snacks at the ready to fully embrace the experience of the cinema in your own home. You could even explore some of the top UK online casino’s at beforehand to really get into the spirit of the evening.

We’ve rounded up our favourite British casino films below. From the iconic James Bond franchise, which includes the infamous Casino Royale, to the British/French thriller, Revolver and last but not least, the thriller of Croupier.


Casino Royale

If someone was to say 007, you’ll probably assume that they’re referring to James Bond. The James Bond franchise is known worldwide and has created some of the most iconic casino films the world has to offer, whether that be Goldfinger in 1964, Live and Let Die in 1973 or Casino Royale in 2006.

The films have gone on to see nine separate actors take to the part of James Bond over the years, including Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton and in more recent years, Daniel Craig.

The build up to the release of these films is always exciting, especially the announcement as to who will be taking on the soundtrack for these. The official charts pulled together a full list of all the theme songs included in the films, these include Adele, Madonna and Paul McCartney.

Casino Royale is well worth a mention, the film premiered in 2006 with Daniel Craig taking the lead role as Bond. YouGov also ranked this as the second most popular and most famous Bond movie, just behind Skyfall.

This is the film where Bond sets out on his first mission as 007, which makes it full of excitement and thrills.

Directed by Martin Cambell, Casino Royale the budget for this film was $150million.



Revolver is another film you’ll want to add to your list if you want to fully embrace a night full of casino films!

With a budget of £14million, it sits in the middle of our recommendations in terms of cost and took around $6.7million at the box office.

This is a British/French film that was produced in 2005 and directed by Guy Ritchie. Known for producing films such as King Arthur, and more recently, the Gentleman, his films are known for there thrill and Revolver is no different from that.

Jason Stathum takes the role of the lead actor in this show, taking on the part of Jake Green, an ex-prisoner who is released and invests his time and money into gambling, before seeking revenge on a casino owner.



Another one of our top recommended British casino films is Croupier. The film is now 22 years old, having premiered back in 1998.

In terms of the costs, this film was on a completely different budget when compared to the likes of the Bond movies. Described as a relatively low budget film, in the US, the Guardian reported that the film only took $2million. However, that shouldn’t put you off giving it a watch, with reviews from Rotten Tomatoes rating it highly.

Clive Owen is the lead actor in this film, and despite a wide portfolio of films he’s featured in, Croupier, is ranked as one of his best performances.

This film takes a different route to Casino Royale, yet still remains full of crime and drama. A super engaging watch that sees an aspiring writer struggling to make ends meet. He takes a trip to a casino where he is approached to become an inside man.

Whether you’re a fan of an action film or fancy something a little bit different, casino films are full of drama and excitement, with some of the best out there directed here in Britain. The above are just a couple of examples of great movies that you’ll want to add to your list for the next couple of months.