Is Threads Worth Using?

Officially launched as a direct competition to X (formerly Twitter), Threads recently became a reality barely three months after being conceptualized by its parent company, Meta.

The establishment of this social media platform presents the most high-profile new contender to compete with X, particularly when the organization has recently appeared to falter under the stewardship of Elon Musk.

Threads initially got off to an impressive start, registering 100 million sign-ups worldwide in a week, with prominent celebrities, brands, and journalists seeking a taste of the experience. Companies from the iGaming scene also joined the platform in droves to stay in touch with their fans and tap into new prospects by posting deals like the SpinCity Casino no deposit bonus.

Well, above anything else, Threads was designed to be a cleaner, more intimate way to connect with all your social media friends. So, in a digital age where social media has become an integral part of our lives, it’s a refreshing alternative to X, which has dominated that social media sphere for quite some time now. Read on to find out what this new platform is all about to decide whether you should or shouldn’t give it the time of day.

How is Threads Different From Twitter?

First things first, as a direct competition to X, there are plenty of similarities between the two social media platforms. But what makes the new kid on the block stand out? Here are some key pointers on how Threads differs from X:

  • The character limit for Threads is up to 500 characters
  • You get to upload videos up to 5 minutes long on Thread
  • Your Instagram verification is transferable to Threads
  • You get to access Instagram’s user safety controls, which include unfollowing, blocking, restricting, and reporting specific profiles
  • Designed majorly for your close friends rather than the public

Having learned this, the question remains: is Threads worth using? Let’s walk you through some of its notable features in the next section.

Threads Posts Can Be Displayed on Instagram

Thread users can share their thread posts via their Instagram accounts. This should be particularly beneficial to users who have a higher number of followers on Instagram in comparison to Threads. Thanks to this feature, Thread users can exponentially increase their social media following count. Better still, the feature is also convenient for Instagram users who want to keep up with what their friends are up to on the Threads app but may not have logged into it.

Safety and Security Measures Employed

In today’s digital age of data breaches, it is always prudent to ensure that the social media platform you are using prioritizes your privacy and security concerns. You’ll be happy to learn that Threads app places precedence on such pertinent issues. The platform boasts an end-to-end encryption protocol for all the messages you send, ensuring that all the messages you send while using this app stay private.

You also have the optional two-factor authentication feature to prevent hacks into your Threads account. Lastly, Threads users have full autonomy on their privacy settings, making them the first line of defense should someone try to compromise their cyber security.

You Get to Write Your Heart Out

One aspect of X that has drawn criticism has been its 180-character limit, which many have insisted that it just isn’t enough. Threads takes advantage of this apparent weakness of X, with a 500-character limit on one post, which is almost double what is offered at X.

So, with longer posts, Threads users can get all of their messages out without necessarily being wary of running out of character limits. It is also a neater way of combing through posts. X users may, at times, be forced to write lots of posts to convey a message, while Thread users get to share that message in a single post because of the higher character limit.

Currently Doesn’t Feature Ads

Although there is a high likelihood that this will change, the Threads app currently doesn’t feature any ads or monetization features. As much as ads may be necessary to bring in operational funds for the parent company, they are often quite annoying. So, even in the short term, it is quite refreshing to see that this app doesn’t feature any ads.

Bottom Line

Threads is a text-based social media platform that prevents the biggest challenge to X in today’s world. While both platforms are pretty similar on the surface, they are completely different in several ways that matter to users. While it is still early to predict how the platform will fare, we must admit that there are a couple of things that it is doing right, meaning that it is an app worth trying out. Give it a chance to see whether you’ll love the experience.