Top 7 British and Hollywood War Movies of All Time

War movies have always been the most popular genre on different streaming platforms. Whether we talk about the latest films or movies produced decades ago, war movies have always generated huge business.

Hollywood, Bollywood, the British Film industry, and other countries have always tried to represent their history of wars in movies. Most of the movies got popular due to extreme violence and bloodshed in the story, but some got famous due to the matchless performance of the actors.

Why do Viewers Love War Movies?

War movies are not always violent and bombs, but the impact these wars have on men and how soldiers leave their families to fight for their country. This shows their belief in the cause. This movie will make you realize that mankind can be violent, loving, and messy at the same time. Perfectly executed films provide a mixture of humanity, loyalty, courage, and love for the country.

The realities of the war stay hidden from the general public. Producers try to present the accuracy of the events, details of the incidents, and efforts made by brave soldiers. Realistic representation of the events is something viewers love the most about these movies. There are some other factors that make these films popular among adult viewers, including:

  • Exploration of the true human nature
  • Emotional engagement with the country
  • Historical perspective of the events
  • Large-scale cinematic masterpieces
  • Entertainment and fun
  • Appreciation to the brave soldiers

Not everyone watches these movies for the same reasons. Your preferences and perspective might be different. Some cherish the unique themes of the movies, while some want to experience the historical events in action.

Top 7 War Movies by British Cinema

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Year of Release: 2004

IMBD Rating: 8.2/10

This movie did not get the fame that was expected. This was undoubtedly a great production, where the last days of Adolf Hitler’s life were presented in the best possible way. It shows the story of the time when Hitler went underground in a bunker with some of his remaining fellows. There were mixed reviews about the narrative built into the movie.

But the overall reaction to the production was positive. Viewers appreciated the efforts put in by the whole team, from the actors to the crew. The darkest days of human history were showcased from a very different perspective. If you have not watched it yet, go give it a try. The storyline will give you a unique point to think about.

The Deer Hunter

Year of Release: 1978

IMBD Rating: 8.1/10

A rating above 8 is a sign of a good movie. It is a fact these numbers don’t define the quality of the movie, but a good rating can force you to give it a try. This movie is not just about war but the impact of the war on the life of the young boy. The movie describes the life of the main character, whose life is destroyed due to ongoing war.

Some of the most popular movie stars were cast in this movie, and it was a great, successful production at that time. Some platforms still have this movie available, or you can search online. The storyline is a little bit different from typical war movies that you have already seen on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Inglorious Bastards

Year of Release: 2009

IMBD Rating: 8.3

If you ever ask a movie lover about his favorite war movies, he will surely name Inglourious Bastards one of those movies. The theme and storyline are quite unique, and the producers have done justice by offering a great movie. A fighter squad of Jewish Americans decides to go against the Nazis. This squad is tasked to take off the scalps of the Nazi soldiers as their war trophies. The Cast of this movie included some major names from the industry:

  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Christoph Waltz
  • Brad Pitt
  • Eli Roth
  • Mélanie Laurent
  • Diane Kruger
  • Daniel Brühl

The script is unique and engaging, and Brad Pitt, as the leading character, did an awesome job with the execution of the character. The fight scenes are quite intense, and the performance of all actors is top-notch. Netflix also has the movie available in different countries. Give it a try, and you will fall in love with the outclass acting by Brad Pitt.


Year of Release: 2019

IMBD Rating: 8.2/10

Here is another movie with an 8+ rating. This movie was released just four years ago, so advanced CGI and other technologies were used in the production of this film. This movie is about two soldiers who are assigned an important yet dangerous mission. They are tasked to reach the other camp before the deadline, or the massive attack will destroy everything. Every scene seems so intense and thrilling.


Year of Release: 2017

IMBD Rating: 7.8/10

Most movie enthusiasts prefer older movies when it comes to war films. They believe those times had the best storyline, as today’s movies are merely based on CGI and graphics. But Dunkirk is the movie of modern times with a story from World War 2. The hero waits for rescue behind the enemy border. Common people try to rescue him when German soldiers are everywhere. From visual effects to the execution of the plot, everything seems on spot about this movie.


War movies get mixed responses from different viewers because it is never easy for the production team to answer moral and historical questions. If you are not worried about the moral values presented in the movies, we have suggested some of the most popular British war movies that you must watch.