Top 7 movies that will inspire you to cook delicious food

Do you often cook at home? If so, how varied is it?

After watching the movies listed below, you will definitely want to try something new from betting at a sportsbook Canada to parachuting. In any case, don’t watch these movies on an empty stomach.


Julie & Julia, 2009

This story is based on true events and tells the story of two women who lived in different eras but faced a similar problem. They were bored with their monotonous lives and began to look for themselves in the art of cooking. Each in her own way. You’ll be treated to stunning French cuisine in all its glory and two charming actresses who will be determined to fight with knives, ovens and lobsters – Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.


Les saveurs du Palais, 2012

A gripping story about a female chef who finds herself in the kitchen of the president himself. The ninth film by Venice Film Festival winner Christian Vincent tells the story of a talented chef, Hortensia Labory, a woman with principles who finds herself in the grindstone of the country’s main kitchen. Having made a name for herself in the provinces, Hortensia is invited to work at the residence of a certain high-ranking gentleman on the Champs-Élysées. Having seen the property and met the staff, the woman realizes that she will have to cook for the president of the Republic himself. Having weighed all the pros and cons, Hortensia accepts this responsibility, but will she succeed in becoming her own in this world of behind-the-scenes intrigue and envy?


Chocolat, 2000

The film’s title speaks for itself. It is the story of a beautiful woman and her daughter who wander the world and in different cities open their own confectionery store where they create and sell the most extraordinary chocolates. Even if chocolate itself doesn’t resonate with your soul, the way Juliette Binoche makes it in this movie will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.


The Chef, 2012

This gastronomic comedy proves that, for a true Frenchman, it’s absolutely impossible to choose between the woman he loves and the food he loves. Chef Jacqui has loved cooking since his early childhood. Most of all he likes to experiment, creating new, original recipes, but unfortunately, most of the primitive chefs do not accept his innovations. Jacqui, on the other hand, is incapable of blindly following directions and refusing creative impulses. Not surprisingly, he never stays long in any restaurant. Jacky’s wife, exhausted by the eternal shaking, demands that her husband once and for all abandon the idea of becoming a chef and just earn money. Soon the couple will have their first child, so the question of welfare is more acute than ever. After getting a job as a house painter, the hero realizes, however, that he cannot give up the culinary business.


The Hundred-Foot Journey, 2014

This is the story of a heated struggle between the owner of a conservative French restaurant and her neighbors, who have opened an Oriental restaurant across the street. An absolutely beautiful clash of two cultures, each boasting its own unique dishes.


Chef, 2014

The plot of the movie tells the story of an ambitious chef who, having lost his job in a restaurant, opens a snack bar in a van and goes on a journey in the company of his friend and son. You’ll enjoy mouthwatering Cuban sandwiches and rousing Latin music.


No Reservations, 2007

This touching movie tells the story of how sometimes principles and rules must be set aside in order for life to play out in color again. Will Kate, a talented and tough chef at a New York restaurant, be able to find common ground with her new sous chef, Nick, and cope with the challenges that come her way? Besides the suspenseful storyline, there is, of course, a lot of delicious food in the movie.