Who should play a female 007?

The discussion over who should play the world-famous spy, James Bond, continues long after the surprising finale to the most recent film, No Time To Die.

All manner of names have been put forward, from Tom Hardy to Idris Elba, and a few out of leftfield as well. However, (spoiler alert) those who have seen the film know that it has been left open to interpretation as to the gender of the next 007. Harpers Bazaar explains that the most recent film already featured the first female 007, played by Lashana Lynch, which could pave the way for future films.

The idea of a female Bond is certainly not new. The famous spy has liaised with plenty of female operatives over his career, right back as far as Thunderball; a meeting showing Bond being briefed on SPECTRE’s extortion plot had a female operative, unnamed, at the table. There was also one shown in a scene in The World Is Not Enough, again unnamed, whilst Skyfall revealed that Eve Moneypenny was an MI6 field agent.

The world of video games has also seen plenty of female spies that have not directly been linked with Bond but have laid the foundations for a possible 007 in the future. In 2000, Monolith Productions released The Operative: No One Lives Forever, which sounds like a Bond title.

The famous spy was absent from the game; the protagonist was Cate Archer, but the title is much like Nobody Lives for Ever, the fifth novel by John Gardner featuring Ian Fleming’s secret agent. There’s also a James Bond-themed online slot from Foxy Bingo called Agent Jane Blonde Max Volume. It too pitches a female spy, and although it takes the form of an online slot, the parallels between the title and Britain’s most famous fictional secret agent are obvious.

Another game, Perfect Dark, was the natural successor to the insanely popular GoldenEye 64, coming from the same developers. The protagonist, Joanna Dark, was seen very much as a female Bond. If you recall it fondly, there’s a remake on the way for PlayStation 5.

Developers, writers and directors have tiptoed around a female 007 for a while now, with fictional characters in video games and even hints on-screen at female secret service agents. However, if they take the plunge, which female actors will be suitable for the role? As a bit of fun, we’ve got a selection we think might be perfect as the first female 007.


Gal Gadot


Gadot is already well known as an action heroine, having played Wonder Woman in the recent DC movies. She’s perfect for the role of an ass-kicking woman and recently starred alongside Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds in Red Notice. She is also trained in martial arts, namely Krav Maga, which might make combat scenes a breeze. She might suffer from being pigeonholed as Wonder Woman; very few 007 actors have come from one successful franchise and made Bond their own.


Lashana Lynch


Lynch is an obvious choice; she’s already played 007 for a brief time, and therefore movie canon would make her a perfect fit. She certainly sparkled in the recent movie, not because she was the first female 007, nor the first 007 played by a person of colour, but because she was believable. She’s also previously appeared in the period drama Still Star-Crossed and the action movie Captain Marvel, which is almost the perfect combination for playing Bond. Jane Bond.


Emilia Clarke


What is Bond? Is he (or she) the perfect amalgamation of the English traits of a stiff-upper-lip, well-mannered and wisecracking? Are they easy on the eye but with a twist that is both unpredictable and exciting? If so, then who better than Mother of Dragons, Emilia Clarke. Her stint in Game of Thrones was a great starting block for her career, but she was also well-received in Terminator Genisys, proving her action credentials. She has also stated she’s love to play Jane Bond in the future.


Eve Hewson


Once known for being the daughter of Irish singer Bono, Hewson has become a star in her own right following the success of the supernatural mini-series Behind Her Eyes. She also appeared alongside Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx in Robin Hood in 2019, an action-adventure that could be a nice way into a 007 movie. Hewson is also not a face connected with a previous franchise or blockbuster, so she could make the Jane Bond role her own and help use it to develop her flourishing career further.