5 British dramas that stole our hearts

Everyone enjoys a drama that works just right at grabbing our attention and stealing our hearts along the way.

Britain is blessed to have so many dramas which hit the perfect spot, and in this article, we go through the top 5. All of these dramas are incredibly memorable, and viewers remain fond of the emotions they felt while being engrossed in them.

So sit back and enjoy as we recount the top 5 British dramas which excelled at stealing our hearts.


Eyes Down

The first classic British drama on our list was set in a Bingo hall. Paul Grady captured the hearts of audiences with his brilliant portrayal of ‘Ray Temple.’ Ray was the owner of the bingo hall, where much of the action took place. The drama showcased all of the thrills and spills that can take place in a bingo hall, and it showcased the exciting reality of the game itself.

One of the ways to recreate this excitement is by visiting UK bingo sites. These sites recreate the action and fun of the iconic bingo hall. It is easy to sign up and start playing. Furthermore, you can enjoy a community vibe through online chatting, which helps to recreate the bingo experience shown in Eyes Down.


The Crown

The second British drama to make it on our list is hugely beloved and has been critically acclaimed. The Crown dazzled audiences with the incredible portrayal of the life of Queen Elizabeth. Fans were able to get an in-depth look at the marriage of the queen, as well as a look at many significant events which occurred during her rule. This drama also had a great deal of international interest.


Call the Midwife

Another beloved British drama that captured viewer’s hearts is Call the Midwife. This drama centers around a group of midwives that were working during the 1950s and 60s. Both of these decades were monumental for Britain, and through the perspectives of the midwives, viewers can escape to these exciting times and have their hearts stolen by the captivating narratives of these midwives.


Indian Summers

The period of British rule in India was exceptionally represented in the iconic British drama, Indian Summers. The show was set in the beautiful scenery of the Himalayas, and viewers were immediately hooked after the first episode.

The first series took us back to 1932, and the second season focused on 1935. It is a shame that we only got two seasons; however, they were incredibly memorable for their wondrous portrayal of the British Raj.


Downton Abbey

The last British drama to make it on our list is one that stole hearts worldwide. Downton Abbey has become an international sensation. It has won numerous awards and gained universal acclaim for show-stopping performances. All six seasons are incredibly enjoyable and richly detailed.

This vivid look at British aristocracy stole our hearts from the first time we got a glimpse, and it managed to sustain our interest the whole way through. In many ways, the show has become a cultural icon and has one of the most varied audiences for any British period drama. It can be credited for reviving interest in the genre as a whole to a global community.


Closing thoughts…

All of these British dramas managed to steal our hearts and kept us glued to our screens. They each deserve mention, and if you haven’t already seen them, then you should definitely check them out.

If you feel as though there was a drama that we missed, then feel free to share your own list.