Allen Leech and Michelle Dockery reveal their favourite ‘Downton’ couple

Two beloved Downton Abbey stars have revealed their favourite couple in the show!

Taking part in a video Q&A for IMDB on Twitter, Michelle Dockery and Allen Leech were asked to name their favourite couple in Downton Abbey.

Leech, who plays Tom Branson, answered: “I would have to say Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes.”

Dockery, who plays Lady Mary, agreed: “Yeah! I think I would have to say the same.”

Leech added: “I loved how they got together. And that scene as well where they involved Mrs Patmore as a sex therapist… which they actually do!”

The pair were also asked to reveal their favourite moment featuring Tom and Mary in the show.

Dockery said: “One of my favourite moments is actually a scene with other characters… after all the tragedy they’ve been through, Penelope [Wilton] says “Aren’t we the lucky ones?””

Leech chose “one that solidifies [Mary and Tom] as almost definitely brother and sister, which is when he turns and says…”

And Dockery joined in: “”Like all bullies you’re a coward!” and she says “How dare you!””

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