‘Domina’ confirms Season 2 release date in UK

Sky has finally announced when Domina returns in the UK!

The epic historical series launched in 2021, set during one of the most provocative and turbulent periods in Roman history.

Created by Simon Burke (Fortitude, Strike Back), the hit TV drama follows the extraordinary rise of Gaius Octavius, who became the first Emperor of Rome as Caesar Augustus, and his third wife, Livia Drusilla.

Two years on from its first season, Domina is back with eight brand new episodes, filmed at the historic Cinecittà Studios in Rome, Italy.

Watch the Season 2 trailer here:

Kasia Smutniak returns as Livia Drusilla, alongside Matthew McNulty (Gaius), Liah O’Prey (Julia), Ben Batt (Agrippa), Ewan Horrocks (Drusus), Claire Forlani (Octavia), Darrell D’Silva (Piso), Christine Bottomley (Scribonia), and Alaïs Lawson (Marcella).

They’re in the by new cast members Benjamin Isaac (Holmes & Watson) as Tiberius, Joelle (Dune, The School for Good and Evil) as Vipsania, and David Avery (Doctor Who, The Inbetweeners Movie) as young aristocrat Domitius.

When’s the release date?

The second season of Domina premieres in the UK on Sky Atlantic and NOW from Wednesday 13th September.

New episodes will be released weekly as double bills.

Season 2 began streaming in the US on MGM+ in July, with the finale airing earlier this month.

If you’ve not got MGM+, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial here!

In the first season of Domina, Livia Drusilla (Kasia Smutniak), the golden girl of the prominent Claudii family, returned to Rome after 10 years in exile, determined to regain everything that was stolen from her.

When she married Gaius – Caesar Augustus (Matthew McNulty) – she was seated at the top of a fractious empire and a dysfunctional dynasty.

Throughout, Livia was fighting to preserve her marriage and find a way to seat one of her sons on the imperial throne, as new and old rivals jockeyed for position in a world where it’s impossible to know who to trust.

Season 2 picks up in 19 BC, when Gaius and Livia return to Rome after three years away in the Eastern Provinces. They are shocked to find their city in revolt, and Livia’s children in open rebellion.

Throughout the season, Livia is made to fight harder than ever to fulfil the sacred vow she swore to her father – to restore the Republic, and Democracy, to Rome.

Livia will need all of her intelligence, ambition and guile to navigate these increasingly rough political seas. She will face a terrible final choice between power and vengeance.

Domina is available to watch on MGM+ with a free 30-day trial.